Advice for Starting TRT?

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 26. Been on armor thyroid for last 10 years and it is regulated perfectly. I have been feeling lethargic lately even thought TSH and free t3 tests perfect. So I went and paid for myself to have the blood test for my own peae of mind since I read hypothyroidism and low testosterone are common to one another. I am now 43 and am overweight 290lbs.

My testosterone was 294 ng/dL range 250-1100 ng/mL
Free T was 56.4 pg/mL range 35-155pg/mL
Dhea Sulfate 226 mcg/dl - range 70-495mcg/dL
Estradiol 30 range < or + 39pg/ml
psa 0.6 ng/dl

Any thoughts I am going to the doctor tomorrow and thought I would see what I should ask. Thanks

You need to get more complete labwork to determine the cause prior to starting TRT. Missing FSH, LH, SHBG, and prolactin.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I am going to see the endocrinologist tomorrow and hopefully she will order a battery of lab work. I am also going to feel her out on the TRT to see if she is knowledgeable on it and willing to do it for me.

SHBG is a must for labs, make sure she gets it.

I am very lucky as my endocrinologist is very very well versed on trt therapy. First she said exactly what you guys said. Second is she told me everyone is different and has to monitored very closely. She stated that she requires 2 blood tests showing low levels as well as a bunch of other tests. She also wants me to walk 4-5 times weekly before next blood test in 4-6 weeks to see if levels change.

That sounds a little ridiculous, how is one to know whether walking caused your levels to increase, what if you levels just increased for no reason other than fluctuation, fluke and or lab deviation? Your levels aren’t going to magically rise to non-hypogonadal levels simply from walking. One visit isn’t enough time to decide if a doctors is good or not. She failed to run the proper tests,that’s as clear as daylight.

If you reread the first post, I order tests myself just see if my T was low. I went to see her yesterday and she stated the tests ordered were ok but she needed more info like everyone stated. She says walking will lower BP and help with fat loss thats all. She also says the less fat the less test gets converted to EST. So that was her basis. She is really good as she already treats me for hypothyroidism.