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Advice for Second Cycle

How’s it going every body? I am 25, 5’11, 215 lbs, about 15% body fat, naturally rep 315x5 on flat bench, 455x7 on squats, and 395x5 for deadlifts currently…

My first cycle was about 15 weeks long, susto all the way through, with tren and winny for the first 6 weeks and then NPP and winny for the last three weeks tapering off with the winny and Nolvadex for PCT.

I am going to do a 6-8 week, with OT and not exactly sure what other ones I want to stack with it. Any suggestions on which ester test, or possible jumpstarts, or other compound to run with the Turinabol…?

Come on people… I was thinking of NPP and some test… Should I use Test Prop?? Could I get away with shooting both of those EOD?

No one will even criticize me?

You can decide what drugs to take all by yourself.

buahahahaha, bullocks! I was just looking for input or comments or criticism…

dude what kind of results are u looking for, do u wanna bulk? do u wanna cut? what were the dosages from ur first cycle? what can u get ur hands on?

Don’t take it so hard, you didn’t post much in the way of info. I wouldn’t go longer than 6 weeks with orals, that’s just me though.

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either OT alone or with test and low dose AI is what I will do me thinks… My goal is to lean out a tad bit more and get stronger.