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Advice for Second Cycle from the Iron Masters

Gentlemen and Jedi masters, I come to you for second cycle advice. First cycle was to test( no pun intended) the waters, just did 1cc of test e twice weekly(so 600/week). 10 weeks then pct 4 weeks of nolva 40/40/20/20. Good results not many sides. That was 3 months ago and ready for round two. Want to try and avoid tren if possible, considering either test e again, or a cycle with two kinds of test(I.e. E and prop). With Oral’s I’m hesitant of dbol, considering tbol, haven’t researched whinny, var, or m-1-t enough yet. Any advice would be appreciated.
31 185lbs 11%BF lifting experience: 5 years.
On cycle consume about 4K calories a day
1g protein /kg body weight.

I would run dbol and test, with maybe EQ. What are your goals give us some pictures for us to help gauge.

I like test and eq with a dbol kickstart.