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Advice for Scuffed Cycle Start

Started my second cycle 200 deca /w and 500 test /on Monday well Tuesday at work coworker wrecked my thumb with a BFH. So figure shit lifting for a week or 2 at least.
Need Advice abandon cycle and start over next month or just carry on with 2 weeks of subpar gym time/ exercises and maintain blood levels

Its hard to tell what your limitations actually are. I would work out around the injury. Its going to take a few weeks for the compounds to start affecting your performance anyway.

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While the thumb is important, I could do almost all of my workouts without using one thumb, and certainly wouldn’t stop training for two weeks on cycle unless it was some sort of bloody stump. I technically don’t need it for much especially if I am using straps for pulling exercises. Pressing can be a bit more dangerous with a false grip, but plenty do it. Pretty much all leg exercises are in.

I am a bit concerned with your level of dedication to working out given you are using AAS.


Understandable take won’t be missing the gym just quaility will be suffering. Thanks for responses making me realise I am over thinking it.

If you can load plates on a bar, you can focus on lower body lifts. Low bar squats come to mind. I think that variation relies the least on your thumbs. Use a thumbless grip.

You can do thumbless bench but I wouldn’t recommend going heavy because you don’t want to crush your larynx with a weighted bar.

Yea straps and machines are sure to become my friends.
Also your names giving me nam flashbacks atm haha got wacked with a 4 lb sledge.

If your thumbs are so bad you can’t press, I’d wait to heal.
As said, you can use straps to pull.

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