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Advice for Returning Weight Trainer

Hi all,
Seeking your advice. Due to a back injury in the gym, I have not worked about for about two years, and have lost lots of weight and my muscle mass. I am now able to start working out again, but it’s been so long since I’ve worked out heavy, I need to start slowly.

I’ve been on the Beginner website and read the list of beginner programs, but don’t know which one would be best for someone coming off an injury. Can anyone please offer their suggestions? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I’m in need of some guidance. Thanks to anyone who replies.

Your program should largely depend on the specifics: age, gender, goals, current physical status, etc…

That being said, if your injury is fully healed and you are looking to get stronger, I think Starting Strength would be an excellent choice to regain a lot of your lost strength in a short period of time.

Sorry to send a bodybuilding .com link, but it’s a very comprehensive explanation of the program.

Hi Benway,
Thanks very much for this, it’s much appreciated.
For the record, I’m a male 49 years old, was in very good form up to the injury, and my goal is to return to pre-inury levels of strength and muscle mass.

I highly recommend total body training (see Waterbury or Cosgrove). Even if your back is not 100%, there are many good lower body exercises like single limb training that will not necessarily tax your back.