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Advice for Preventing Leaking With Delt Injections?

I rotate Vertoglute and Delts for. my injections. VG I have no issues. I can perform theZ track method effectively sine I have 2 hands free, but for delta, I seem to always leak a bit of oil. I use 25 gauge 5/8 inch on my delts and 27 gauge 1 inch on my ventroglutes.

any suggestions?

My carrier oil is grapeseed oil, which is has a higher viscosity.

Use this for your delts too. Little deeper and you probably won’t run into the leakage problem

Pull the needle out fast, and cover it immediately with an alcohol wipe that is ready to go. Dont press hard or your shot will become Subq

Interesting. I’ve been experiencing leaky delt injections for a while and I pull the needle out slow and press/rub hard after. Guess I’ve been doing it backwards lol

I should mention that anything below .5” is not shallow IM. So use .5” or 1”

I was using 1/2” and have recently switched to 3/4”

That works