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Advice For Pre-Medical?


As I continue on with school I've basically got alot of general studies out of the way(except for a minor thing here and there) and now I'm ready to really focus on my major which is Pre-medical(well Biology, but I'm in the Pre-Medical program).

So my question for those who have been through this process..what things can I do to make myself more appealing to medical schools? Or any other general advice. (Other than getting good grades of course.) I'm set to start volunteering at a hospital in a few weeks once my workload lightens up a little.


Have a passion for what you want to do and things that interest you and do them to their fullest.

Get experience but don't fake it. They'll know when you're faking.

I've built most of my college experience around working with athletes with my Sports Medicine program and dedication through triathlon.

I've had my government internships, surgery observation hours, etc, but that won't be what I focus on when I'm in an interview. Everyone has that.

Not everyone can say they took one thing and went all out for it. For me thats Ironman... find what it is for you.


Not a doc, but I've got to think becoming fluent in Spanish or Hmong or whatever would help. That is, take the classes and speak with native speakers through a study abroad, volunteering, or work. Might be a good idea to take a year of after college to live in a different country.