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Advice For Peaking Using "Optimal Strength Training 4 Natural Athlete"

Hey Coach

My meet is in June. Easy enough, and plenty of time to do what I want to get ready.
I was thinking about what I want to do for my peaking cycle. 915 is an obvious choice but to be honest I find it very boring (fellow 2A speaking). I’ve done it before, it works well enough but the motivation to do it again is quite low.

I was skimming my bookmarks and came across your Thibarmy blog “Optimal Strength Training for the Natural Athlete.” I like the look and sounds of this one. The progression model is different from anything else I’ve tried and I really want to give it a solid try.

My Questions

  • Do you recommend this program for meet peaking?
  • If so could you recommend how to alter the final week or 2 of “phase 4” so that I peak properly on a specific day and not just the final week.
  • I have 9 weeks before I need to begin this cycle. What recommendations do you have for these 9 weeks? Here is what I’m looking for…

Im 80.8 kg. Competing in the 82.5
I would like to cut off some fat and replace that weight with more lean mass to get me to the full 82.5. At the moment I am likely around 15-17% BF (good lighting give the upper abs a shadow)

Thanks a heap for your time and willing to give input. I appreciate you.