Advice for PCT? (Post Accutane Syndrome)

Don’t ask yourself these kind of questions. That’s not something you can change acutely maybe never. You don’t know if there is even a problem. Focus on the things you can control and see where it leads you.

There is the possibility that the retinoid damaged some cell types more than others yes. The epigenetic make-up of a cell differs from tissue to tissue which means that different regions of the genome are active ergo there’s is a difference in distribution of RXRs and RARs which are the elements that respond to retinoids. These receptors are so complex that not even today there’s a real understanding of all their implications. They form heterodimers with various other receptors (for example the androgen receptor at the ARE) and therefore influence a wide variety of pathways. Then it gets even more difficult because they not only form active heterodimers but they also form inactive ones (this is called corepression). So yes, retinoids can in fact change the expression in some tissues more than others.

Since you send the PDF, I guess you also saw the website where it stems from. The authors are just speculating in my opinion. There’s some passages that I don’t think are quite logical. But all that would need further research. But if you didn’t already, you can read the articles they post for yourself.

You can see that with a blood panel and you posted one, so yes your LH is lowish but not extremely low. I also don’t know WHY you got low LH and T levels, is it genetic, is it stress, is it accutane? That’s difficult to answer since your T is not extremely low.

See here. Your T levels are good for your LH so your LH receptors definitely respond and your balls work.

FSH is responsible for sperm production, so if you get that up with Tamoxifen you should have more sperm. Let’s see how that goes.

I would have to know what you look like. Do you have a beard? Do you have any signs that you are not fully developed? Or is it just the semen and sexual issues?
I’m skeptical of the idea that you can unlock 1000% masculinity, the changes would be subtle except for if you have really serious signs of underdevelopment but that would have a been a thing a doctor catches. So I tend in the “no0 direction.

Here’s a few tips I insist you follow:

I’ll add:

Don’t avoid every stress, you need to do something that you find worthwhile. Eustress is good for you in a moderate amount.

Also no fap. See if your semen is thicker if you don’t jerk off often.

No porn or video game excesses. You gotta become sensitized to dopamine. Also I’d add no scrolling (Instagram, TikTok and the like). It fucks with your brain, emotions and sexual well being.

No excessive researching until late in the night. Do it during the day and set time limits.

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