Advice for PCT? (Post Accutane Syndrome)

I will give you two things I thought about today.

  1. What is the best option to treat you?

In my opinion it is very very likely this from another Thread that popped up today. I wanted to write it myself but I can just copy that so look here:

The points 1-5 are what WILL help you. Epigenetic changes can have a long time span to change but what will change epigenetics is a different “environment”. You can induce that with TRT for example but you can also induce it with another stable condition, taking nothing. I would very strongly imply that that is what you need. But I can understand how you feel so I’ll give you another thing to get more understanding of these matters. That will maybe calm you down a bit.

  1. Here’s my old post about PFS

My opinion in the last two sentences is not the same as it was then.

Read the study. Try to understand the concepts and read up, if you have questions, I’m here.

I give you an advice that differs too. If you are depressed (look up the symptoms, if you say yes to the list, you are!) you should try an antidepressant, because there are good ones that don’t hamper sexual function but they increase it. Trazodone or Tianeptine are examples. You could even try St. John’s Wort first if you’re scared. It works too.

They’ll maybe get you mentally out of a bad space and they do more. They stop neuron degeneration induced by stress for example. They provide positive epigenetic changes and changes in expression of different receptors and proteins and get the brain working. Yes they can have side effects but if you are depressed it’s nearly always worth it. Look above at the points: you’ll be less stressed, sleep better and probably sort out the psychological course.

So I’d take either nothing or if you’re depressed just one antidepressant that’s fitting. That would be my advice to you now.