Advice for on-going TRT and increasing dosages! Thank you!

Hi all,

I am hoping for a little advice. I am from the UK. Male 45.

I had my bloods done before Christmas and testosterone was low with typical symptoms.
I’ve been on TRT now for 10 weeks and I am feeling amazing if I can be honest.
I have started TRT treatment privately and I take Test Cyp 0.25ml and HCG 0.15ml. All subcutaneously twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday).
I have been weight training for absolutely years, and yes, I have done a lot of AAS in the past - cutting and bulking cycles. I’ve not been doing anything of this for 15 years. I still train but just struggled for years.

Since starting my TRT, I did increase my Test Cyp dosage to 0.50 ml twice a week.

I also decided to take proviron (12mg tablet per day) as I have used this in the past, and it just helped me to keep estrogen levels under control and reduce any symptoms related to testosterone. With all the steroids I have taken, I have rarely had any major related side effects which I am most grateful for, as my PCTs at the start were not the best.

I’ve just done my first blood test and as expected my testosterone level are higher than expected, as the company told me so, and they want me to drop testosterone dosages down, but I would like to continue as I am.

They do not know that I have been taking more.

Test = 57 nmo/L (normal ranges are 12-30).

Free testosterone = 1.8 nmol/l (normal ranges should be 0.226- 0.65)

My questions is:

Is it ok to continue at these dosages and keep testosterone levels as they are for a considerable time. I have seen many other people taking similar dosages and much higher and having no problems at all.

I am nowhere near what I used to take years ago and I am feeling great to continue with these low dosages. Your thoughts?


Go back to your scripted dose. Work with your doc to get yourself in a healthy range for FT and TT. Usually upper end of lab ranges is plenty on a trough day to feel good and also performance enhance. What you’re doing is silly, why go to the doc at all?


Either choose between following a doctors orders, or ditch the doctor and DIY completely.

Yes, plenty of people cruise at 250mg and add a little something here and there. Do they die immediately? No. Does it speed up atherosclerosis and create left ventricular hypertrophy over time. Yeah, for some people. If you don’t get EKG, CAC test you wouldn’t know.

People who DIY and go above actual TRT are taking risks, and many of them turn a blind eye to those risks in order to tell themselves it’s ok, either by not testing, or only testing lipids.

No one can tell you what your specific risk is. If you are going above physiological doses, you are playing with fire. Rather than try to comfort yourself with your risks and seek others to confirm the bias, seek truth.

With that being said, I’m 41 and I cruise at 200mg, which leaves my trough about 1050. That means most of my week I am above. Will I suffer? Maybe. I pay a lot more attention to my blood pressure and do more cardio to offset it. Will I die earlier of heart attack, stroke or heart failure? I might. I’m certain what I’m doing is riskier than the 125-150mg that would keep me in top normal range. I don’t drink, I minimize sugar, I don’t speed. I control a lot of other risks.

Take a look at what’s important to you in life, and what you and your loved ones would lose if you died at 62 instead of 78. With this behavior, we’re fine now, but it’s the later years we’re risking.