Advice for Older Lifter, What to Add to TRT?

Look into the different ones available and see which ones have the benefits you’re looking for. BPC-157 is ideal for recovery and injury recovery. Other ones can help with sexual stuff if you want to give them a look.

Many have overlapping benefits so it’s hard for us to pick one for you.

Thanks I’m gonna do that

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Been thinking on this thread and maybe I am running my dose to high , thinking about dropping down to 200 and see how I feel , or would u go on down to 150 and see what happens , which I know I can expect some anxiety but started really thinking about my overall health

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I’m not shaming the high dose TRT btw, but good on you.

150 is reasonably healthy for long term use and still provides more than ample testosterone for gym progress (unless youre absolutely massive). I would suggest 150 because it is a more sustainable dosage long term. Keep in mind that prescribed TRT can be as low as 70mg/wk (maybe lower, situation dependent) and still show benefits in some.

Why? Most anxiety here would usually be related to high estrogen or low testosterone, neither of which should be the case at 150mg/wk.

200mg is also “fine” but truly does stretch the limit of what could reasonably be considered a “Testosterone Replacement” as most are at supraphysiological levels 24/7 on 200/wk.

Yeah, read the first ten posts, then skipped the rest.

Blast as much as you want, get blood tests. If you’re on TRT, blast at 500mg for four weeks, then back to TRT dose. Have a good time, get ripped.

Just test your bloods.

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Gonna do the 150 I think , my buddy who is a cardiologist doesn’t like 240 at all and after thinking about everything realized long term health is more important than anything. Gonna really work on my diet and probably do just as good in the gym

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Why only 4 weeks with slow esters, if recommending this?

Serum concentration doesn’t even reach full effect until 2-3 weeks in. It could be accomplished faster if front loading, but that still takes about 10 days before levels stabilize.

Just trying to understand the reasoning behind such a short blast, if not paying attention to health.

I forget who originally brought this up, but blast away was the point. No reason to go 12 weeks because you are already on.

Blast for two weeks, blast for 12, it just doesn’t matter because you are already on. No PCT, just back to TRT.

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I get that, I just don’t understand the mentality behind having such a short blast when half the time you’re still getting concentration built up. Regardless, if it works for you - have at it. BnC for most is usually run in 16 week blasts, some even frontload it to get there sooner.

Yes, that is the normal thinking and this guy was out of the box. I think his point was that on TRT you didn’t have to take the time to wait to get up the level you wanted, you could just go from 150 to 750 and then cruise at 500. He actually had a calculation for frontloading and I think he was proposing 2-4 weeks. It was a long time ago.