Advice for Older Lifter, What to Add to TRT?

Been on trt now for years and been lifting and eating relatively clean diet for at least 5 years now . Was wondering what would be a good add on to 240 mg a week test cyp divided into 2 shots to help build a little muscle . I love lifting but at the same time realize I’m 44 and def don’t need anything crazy but just a little kick to put on some muscle

What makes you think a little temporary “kick” is going to assist you in putting on more muscle? Is the 240 mg/week TC not cutting it? How about you eating a little more kcal?

Height/waist/body weight/estimated BF?
TT/FT/SHBG at peak or trough?

I would ask for headless pic but then you may get accused of appropriating someone else’s pic haha.

Regardless of what the gram per week faction here states you can see in my profile (links) what 120 mg/week TC (half your protocol) does for me when you combine with diet and training. I am older than you.


This isn’t TRT. What is your T value on this?

TRT doesn’t provide a kick. Some men report feeling bit better with added HCG, including myself.

He didnt post this in the test replacement subsection. I understand it is hard to keep track the way the labeling is currently.

Pharma/TRT sections should be properly separated with a grey zone section as well LOL.

Mainly need help with recovery, have a 16 year old son who loves lifting and that’s the one thing we can do together, Problem lies in the fact I’m not 16 and can’t keep up anymore ! Peak levels are around 1100 total and 275 free on quest scale which def has me high normal on total and a little high on free . Calories aren’t the problem as I love eating and since I quit drinking 5 years ago other than lifting food is the only hobby I got . Guess I should have been more specific but really my goal is a little more progress and better recovery

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On 240 mg/week TC? Blood results 24 hrs after injection?

Pharma Test?

If so very low dose response unless your ugl stuff is bunk.

For example my TT/FT peak is what you state on 120 mg/week. That would put you in bottom 2% on dose response fyi.

Yes , inject with 27 gauge 1/2 inch in the arm twice weekly

Test is from cvs

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True, but the title is “What to add to TRT?”


Where exactly? How many hours after injection do you pull blood to assess peak?

Injection sites have various lymphatic activity so this may change pk profile.

I would test again after DG injection. Why the arm? Your mean TT profile may be very different than you think.

How are your lipids and blood pressure? Have you used anything other than testosterone in the past?

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You got me there. Trying to assess if he is actually on TRT :rofl:

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Lipids are great and blood pressure is around 100 / 75 resting , can’t remember exactly but just ran a complete lipid panel and everything was spot on , like I said my diet is pretty clean , don’t drink , don’t smoke so pretty good shape overall

Been on trt for at least 20 years of my life , I have absolutely no reason to lie about my numbers , I asked a simple question about adding something to my regimen

Started around age 20 due to injury and yes I get a lot better dose response in glutes and quads but after twenty years I choose to go with the less painful option

I didnt mention anything about lying. My point was your mean TT/FT levels may be very different than you may think. AUC will be the same for any injection site mg for mg but the pharmacokinetic profile may change quite drastically. That is why one time point may be misleading.

You can see my thread on dose response for more info. Perhaps take a 12, 24 hr sample and then a trough to help zero in on a reasonable mean TT/FT level. The charts I created plot mean TT vs weekly dosing.

If you arent interested in my pharmacokinetic info and assistance i get it.

In that case you could add the usual if you want the easy answer…100 to 200 mg/week ND for a 20 week add on or 50 mg/day oxandrolone for 8 weeks. All of this comes with additional risks and you lose the extra FFM when you stop (especially when everything else isnt dialed in). Kinda pointless. Others will chime in with HGH. Pick your poison.

Then there are all the UGL options if you dont care about legal Rx.

As most things, anything could be considered crazy, dependent on the dose. I think most would agree that primo has the best safety profile and could add on a modest amount of muscle to your frame.
I recently gave deca a try 700mg/WK and closely monitored my lipids and BP along with other stats. Surprisingly my bloodwork showed to be better on deca than just TRT alone. My HCT and lipids completely normal range along with BP. But this could likely be caused by taking much better care of myself nutrition-wise as well as adding in more cardio. I highly doubt the deca did me any favors regarding my lipid profile.
It’s controversial to suggest adding a Nandrolone to your TRT but perhaps 100mg/WK of deca could provide you the modest boost you are seeking. Many clinics actually prescribe it.

Please take everything I wrote as my own anecdotal experience. I’m closing in on 40 and will not be doing any large cycles in the future. The deca cycle I described above was my ‘yolo’ moment and I’m happy with the outcome. But like I said, one time was enough.

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How u get like that on 120 a week is impressive, I have wondered is the length of time I have been doing this with no breaks at all in 20 + years affects my response to my dose

More info if you want:

Your AUC shouldn’t change with age but your PK profile may due to changes in clearance and distribution volume. TIme on should also not affect AUC.

I could draw some pictures/charts but this attached thread should do the trick if you want to learn more. All of this isn’t a black box and my intent is to shine a light if it helps some.

My TT level 24 hours post injection is 1100 ng/dl TT by LCMS on 120 mg/week TC. Trough is 700-800 on E3.5D injection frequency. FT after 24 hours is 22-24 ng/dl (equilibrium dialysis).


Hence, mean TT level about 900-1000 ng/dl.

You can see below where I fall: