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Advice for Next Cycle?

Hi guys im still months off starting another cycle but wanted to ask for advice on my next.

Ive done 2 cycles both test and orals,

First cycle started on 300mg test slowly moved up to 600, used winny didnt get on with it. Moved to var loved it
Second cycle was only 600mg but switched brand because of bad pip, new brand was in virals of 250mg so ended up on 500mg rest of cycle. experimented with anadrol on this cycle blew me straight up, amazing strength gains but started getting sides quick so quit and after a break i went back on var to finish the cycle.

Im 38 now and so getting on a bit, im not competing. I just like being strong as i often do physical work and strength helps prevent injury from bad form and obviously i like to look in shape.

Im still working on the shape i want i started training early 30s . So you can say my main aim is increased strength in areas where i need it,.

I live rural and i train alone. Never go to public gym. Dont know any users to ask advice from… everything i know i got from forums and research.

So before i ever started anything i got interested in steroids for nandrolone, id heard it was great for joints. (often had joint pains with physical work) i even ordered it along with my test and orals…

Then… I did more reading on forums like this one and well that bottle is still on the shelf.

Im looking to add something to my next cycle and want to call on the experience here.

I only have a couple of trusted sources, what i can get is slightly limited. Lots of test mixes… trenbolone,trestolone, masteron, boldenone, primobolan but sourcing of primo can be difficult

trenbolone, trestolone, nandrolone. Im listing them under “give me the fear” for potential sides and long term complications…

So from
masteron, boldenone, primobolan

What would you choose and why? Are they even worth adding? If so at what dose to be effective

Side notes, not sure i want to go above 600mg test as i was getting bad spots on my back at that point.
Anyone got an opinion on “testoviron” seems to be a test p/e mix and in my limited understanding of steroids i was wondering if that would mean id start to see results sooner into the cycle than just standard test e

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to respond…

Try running 500 mg Test E, 400mg Mast E, and 50 mg anavar/week for 12 weeks. You’ll gain mass, harden up and you wont have any libido or erection problems.

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I like what @studhammer has to say here. I’ve run bold with non impressive results, almost wondered if it was faked. Never ran primo due to cost and its often faked. Test and Mast are my staples and pretty much the only compounds I will ever consider running now along with an oral. Orals that are fairly friendly include dbol, tbol, and var depending on goals of course.

@studhammer is 12 wks var safe? I thought there were potential lipid issues with this. Or did I misunderstand something?

Its not a great idea. You should limit the var to a shorter duration. Last 6 weeks for example. Or if you’re a PCT guy you can carry it into the bridge between last injection and PCT.

Sorry, I was on a roll there on the 12 weeks and the var got caught up in there. Lipids do elevate on var, maybe you could run it at the beginning or the end but you’re probably right, not to run it too long.

No worries, I am still learning a ton from this forum and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. :+1:

Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated. Think i will do test and var again and add on the mast this time.

About the hcg use, im really keen to avoid my balls shrinking away next time.

Im confused about dose and use/storage. I know this sounds like im clueless and thats because i am. I have vials here one with powder in it one with water. I take the water and inject it in the vial with powder… understood.

Then i use what type of needle to draw up and inject the stuff? How often should i inject and at what dose if its to stop the boys disappearing…

Finally… store in fridge? Whats the shelf life once i add that water?


Once you reconstitute it you need to store it in the fridge. 250-400iu twice a week should suffice.

Insulin needles

Where are you getting this from? My doctor charges me up the ass for test

Online source think we are not allowed to say here, checked feedback and sent my last stuff for testing. Was as advertised.

Did have a batch of 300mg stuff i couldn’t get on with, terrible pip, but moved to a more expensive 250mg and no pip,

@studhammer thanks