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Advice for Newly Diary Intolerant


I have figured out I am intolerant to dairy. I think more so to casein than whey, but both bother me. I can handle some, I can drink a serving of Surge Recovery without major issues but could not do that every day (perhaps a couple times a week). MAG-10, I rent and have bigger issues immediately. I do not supplement heavily and just need something during the workout.

The amount of bloat and discomfort I suffer eating dairy just does not make it sense to eat up to the point is gets bad, I would rather just cut it all out.

Which leads to the place it seems to effect me the most - the rest of the meals. I love milk and cheese but they do not love me. I cut milk a couple of months ago and that is going alright. I found a non-dairy without casein cheese that is okay melted with things. So I guess I am looking for advice in that area as well. I figure I will start cooking with coconut butter rather than real butter.

Basically looking for any helpful advice from those who have dealt with this issue.



Haven't dealt with this issue. However, by cutting dairy products you just might end up leaner and drier in the process. Think of it as a blessing in disguise.

Tasty steak, burgers, turkey, fish, eggs, natural peanut butter and what was the problem again?


Putting cheese on things makes everything taste better.


I'm trying to get you to see the bright side of things.

Putting Tabasco on things makes everything taste better, too.
I dunno if you can handle ranch dressing since it contains dairy, but that's another god-tier food additive.


There are ton of alternate cheese products that taste like cheese but aren't even close to dairy. Forget some of the names. It's very easy to create a diet around things like dairy. I do it on a regular basis.


Don't write in your diary...




I used to drink tons of milk - a half gallon a day - when I was younger. At some point, I hit the wall - just couldn't handle it, and I stopped eating most dairy yogurt and cheese were okay, for some reason). Years later, I started adding dairy products again (not milk though) and I seemed to handle it for years and years. Recently, it seems to have caught up with me again. Something is aggravating my stomach - dairy is a likely suspect. Anyway, IMO if you give yourself a rest from dairy, later on you may be able to add limited types and limited amounts of dairy back in. It's possible.

For workouts, try going with BCAA or Leucine, in whatever liquid carrier you prefer (Crystal Light, or whatever) instead of whey protein.


Try goats milk and cheese if it's the casein your troubled with. Goats milk has beta casein like humans, and cows is alpha s1 (had to google that). Have you mentioned it to your doctor.


Or you could continue consuming your beloved dairy products, but take supplemental lactase enzyme first.


It sounds to me like you are gluten/casein-intolerant (I had the same problems till I figured it out). When I removed dairy, gluten, and micellar casein from my diet I stopped the 24/7 indigestion/gas/irregular-looking poops.

Dwarf - I think it's the casein (milk protein) not the lactose. Gluten and casein are digested similarly.

Tex, I personally eat 4,000 calories/day without gluten or dairy. I can go into detail if you like, but here are the cliffs notes of what worked for me:

-Buy pure whey isolate (make sure it has only 1 or 2g of carbs, or else there is whey concentrate shadily mixed in there). I have like 100g of this per day.
-Make sure none of your protein bars/powders have micellar casein (unfortunately this rules out a lot of Biotest stuff)
-Buy Almond Milk - I buy unsweetened and only use for protein shakes. I don't know how it tastes by itself but it's good in shakes.

That being said, I never had any problems with MAG-10 when I tried it (are you mixing with anything else?). I personally use a bastardized peri-workout shake with Surge Workout Fuel, whey hydrolysate, creatine and leucine.


if you can afford it - goats milk
i think i have the same issue (casien) but I can ignore it usually

but its like double the price


Thanks - I had not thought of that . I think I am going to try BCAA and Gatorade for a couple of months.


I am not sure if its casein or lactose or both. I stopped drinking milk and literally shrunk a size all over from all the bloat. But that was not enough to get rid of all the symptoms. Quit cheese and shrunk a little more and symptoms went away.

That said, I can seem to handle Surge Recovery if taken once or twice a week, but MAG-10 lasts maybe a couple of hours and the symptoms are tuned up to 11. That is why I think casein may be its own issue.


Its funny about the Anaconda and MAG-10, the tipping point seems to be the flavoring. If I put in enough to mask the flavor I might be okay. If a drop too much - it came down to measuring this - then I am painting the throne later. It seems to be that it takes very little to upset my stomach after I drink it, to the point I would not eat or drink for at least two hours after my workout to prevent immediate 'issues'.

As far as gluten, I think I am okay. I actually felt better when I added more bread to my diet. Have no idea why, but I do.

I think I am going to take a few months off any dairy and then try whey again. I might have to look for sample or one time packs for my experiment.


Do you have the same issues when eating feta?
(the traditional Greek white cheese)


I do not typically eat feta, why?


Do you get any reaction from Whey isolate or has all casein been removed in the process of making it? I ask because I'm currently taking goats whey protein, and whey isolate would be cheaper if I can tolerate it.


Yes, that's why it's labeled "whey protein isolate" and not "milk protein isolate" (which would be whey + casein)