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Advice for Newbie?

Care to indulge a newbie entertaining the idea of his first cycle?

I’m basically looking to address bits and pieces of stubborn fat, which haven’t been responding to my routine as effectively as I’d like. Prominent herein is a roll of loose fat hanging from my stomach

I’m 31, 5’10" tall, and weigh 70 kgs. Been working out for 2 years now, but largely with the intent of losing weight (I started at 100 kgs). For the last few months, I’ve been focusing on maintaining weight while improving strength. The routine, thus, centres on bike commutes, 5x weekly weight training sessions, and 5k runs over the weekend. Reasonable strength and endurance improvements achieved in the process, without packing in more weight or inches. On the diet front, I’m eating at a small deficit to my TDEE, and trying to take 1.8-2x bodyweight protein.

If it matters, my PBs are still very modest (but I’m proud of them still, having started at 0) - Squat 100 kg, BP 75 kg, DL 150 kg, OHP 55 kg, and 5k outdoor run at 26:57.

A couple of juiced up gymbros and their suppliers suggested that I look into a ‘mild’ cycle of Anavar and Stanazalol to attack the stubborn flab, with a PCT of Nolvadex. It’s a tempting idea, but I’m not quite sure. I’ve ofcourse gone through several weeks of low-key online reading, but that’s hardly good education.

Obviously I have no idea about anabolic steroids, and even my supplement usage is restricted only to whey isolate.

Does anyone have any insights? More specific questions I have are:

  1. Do I even need to bother with juice? I don’t intend to turn pro, all I’m really looking for is a fit body. At the same time, I ain’t getting any younger, and the impatience sometimes gets to me.

  2. Even if I do juice up, will it have a good chance of helping my specific trouble spots? Or is the long slog the better option?

  3. Is the Anavar + Stanazalol + Nolvadex suggestion sound? I haven’t entertained lengthier dosage discussions so far to keep unwanted conversations at bay, but it would be good to have some orientation in case I do head into that direction.

Ofcourse, feel free to shoot me with any more of your finest.

Thanks in advance!

  1. No, steroids won’t help with your stated goals. Try a larger calorie deficit. Some of that looks like loose skin and will need either time or surgery to be resolved.

  2. No, see #1

  3. No. That was terrible advice. Both compounds are harsh on the liver. Personally I don’t like winstrol at all because it makes me tired all the time and shortens my temper. The recommended first cycle is injectable testosterone with a long ester like Enanthate or Cypionate for 10-12 weeks followed by a Nolvadex PCT to start 3 weeks after your last injection.

It was great foresight to double check on what your gymbros told you.

FYI: steroids aren’t fat loss drugs. They can be used to retain muscle in an extreme calorie deficit.


Very very very stupid idea. I’m not calling you stupid, but your ‘friends’ sure are. They obviously have no personal investment in your health and well being. First its not going to work, that loose skin isn’t going to magically shrink. You likely need a cosmetic surgeon.

Second oral only cycles are ill advised and you will likely gain a small amount of strength only to lose it very quickly upon cessation.

  1. Absolutely not.

  2. No it will NOT work in the way you want.

  3. No. Stick around and read about good first cycles. Every other post is practically about one.


I’ve said this many times, I’ll say it again because it should be repeated often: steroids are for building muscle. Yes, when you get to a certain level of performance you can utilize them while cutting. But for the beginners out there they are the best possible tool to add size and strength.

The more muscle you have the easier it is to maintain a lean physique, if that is the goal.

You have two choices here:
-keep grinding away, accept you’ll have that little stomach roll as it appears to be skin, and continue to be proud of your progress
-run a cycle with the intent of building mass; if you’re significantly bigger then nobody will notice that little bit around your stomach

The first approach is the correct one because you are not quite ready for the second one. Cut a little more and then bulk naturally. See how that treats you. After that you can investigate whether or not you’re ready to take the next big step.

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First off, congrats on the weight loss.
Second, don’t even consider drugs yet, other than getting tour Testosterone levels checked.
Cut back on the cardio and put in more weights if you’re trying to gain muscle.
It’s all about calories, and healthy calories. To gain muscle, make sure you’re getting enough protein and eating a balance diet. To gain weight, you have to be eating more calories than you’re burning. I know it’s been 2 years, but give it more time before jumping on the cycle wagon.
Keep up the hard work!

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Thanks all! This is great, crystal clear advice. Really glad for it.