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Advice for Newbie? Tren Ace 1ml/100mg and Test Sus 1ml/300mg

I’m currently on week 3 of my Tren Ace and Test Sus cycle. I need advice on any additional supplements you guys suggest taking. I have Arimidex on hand but not 100% sure when I need to use it. I have only noticed very mild sides besides mild blood pressure and good visual results so far. Current cycle breakdown below:

(Tren Ace 1ml/100 mg)- 50mg ED = 350 mg weekly
(Test Sus 1ml/300 mg)- 60mg EOD = 540 mg weekly

I plan on doing a 8 week cycle as well. Is that to short of a cycle or should I extend out to 10 weeks? And suggestions on PCT? Preferably when to start and what to incorporate.


Math isn’t working here.

Tren is not a beginner drug. The questions you are asking should be planned and purchased before starting.

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Don’t try to pct after tren?

Correction. 180 mg EOD.

19nors fuck up your indogenous production hard. I recommend you stay away from them unless you’re ready to be on the needle for life. Tren isn’t really much better at protein synthesis than other AAS and imo is overused, overrated and rarely the right tool for the right job. Yes there is other potential secondary and tertiary benefits like increased aggression (potentially a con) and nutrient partitioning but is it worth its ability to wreak havoc on your cholesterol, your kidneys, fucking up your mental state, your sleep, sweating excessively, etc?
Ultimately you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do but there is probably better tools for what you’re trying to accomplish. For example if it’s mainly volumization and driving up (mostly temporary) weight to look fuller then consider something like dbol or anadrol. If you’re looking for protein expression (building actual contractile protein, in other words actual muscle, not just water and electrolytes like you get from dbol) then compounds like Primobolan, Masteron, and Winstrol are great choices. Being DHT derivatives they will also promote motor learning and force production more than the other two families of anabolic. The less people on this earth on Tren, the better. I’ve been there done that. It just isn’t necessary nor is it best for most peoples goals, irrespective of risk tolerance.


:point_up:t2:Everything he just said.

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