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Advice for newbie on Cidotestone cycle?


19 years old, roughly 3 years training, no cycle history, bench 220 lbs, deadlift 286 lbs, squat 260 lbs

What I am aiming to achieve from this cycle is:

  • Permanent change in secondary male characteristics
  • Increased mood, libido etc.
  • (As a bonus) increased physical strength.

For those who are familiar with Cidotestone, I have a few questions:

1) As a newbie, should I only take 500mg/ week (2 shots)?
2) How many weeks should the cycle be?
3) Are changes in secondary male characteristics permanent even after the cycle?
4) What will happen to estrogen and cortisol levels during and after the cycle and what should be taken to deal with such changes?

Thank you.


You might end up with a weirdly shaped head, but that's about it.


Read the stickied threads.




Just read the stickied threads, so I apologize for making this one.

Even after reading them though there's still a few things i don't get:

1) Concerning Novaldex & 7 hyproxy dhea: on a 750 mg/ week 12 week Cidotestone cycle, how much of each should be taken during and after the cycle?

2) What are the mood changes after stopping the cycle and will Novaldex and 7 Hydroxy DHEA counter them?

3) How long will it take for secondary male sex characteristics to improve and will they be permanent?