Advice for New Routine

Hey looking for a little advice or some tips here.

I’m 41 and as a coach have access to a great weight training facility.

I began HRT about a month ago and am dosing Androgel daily. I decided that I might as well take full advantage of it and get back into bodybuilding.

I’ve taken the before photos (not too pretty). I am 6’2" and weigh 310lbs. I’m guessing here but I believe my LBM to be about 180lbs.

I’m going to list the workout I do and the supplements I’m using and will consider any advice on how to tweak or add to these to achieve better results.

I’m doing a split routine with the following lifts on Monday-Thursday: Bench, T-Bar Row, Lat Pulls, Tricep Ext, Dumbell Incline, Flyes, Super 21 (curls). On Tuesday-Friday I do: Leg Press, Leg Curl, Leg Ext, and Ab work. NOTE: I’m recovering from a recent back injury and will be replacing leg press with squats as soon as I can handle them.

Supplements: Androgel by prescription, Bodyfortress Whey Protein (114g on workout days, 38g on recovery days), 3000mg of L-Luceine daily.

Also do an hour of light cardio (swimming for now) on workout days and often on recovery days as well.

Again I’m 41, a type 2 diabetic, and morbidly obese. Those are the disadvantages.
I have a slow metabolism so tend to add muscle mass quickly, that is the advantage if it can be called one.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all tips and pointers!

leg presses suck for backs…try lunges or split squats if you want something that wont hurt and be productive.
Also i would so more back work…lots of seated rows if u cant load the spine much bent over, and db rows with one leg on bench for support…and lots of rear delt work. Work that core.
Do cardio. Especially on off days…even if its just walking.
O yeah…move more.

Always remember:

Your diet is more crucial to body composition than any amount of training ever could be. Especially at your age and condition, really hammer home good eating habits, be militant with what you eat.

Glad to see your getting back in the gym though man, this forum can be a great place to learn and develop your training and nutritional ideas, so stick around, post with respect, and I’m sure you’ll have found a goldmine of information and a community that you can fit in to.
Good luck brotha!

Thanks guys! Not sure how serious of a back injury I’ve had. I’m waiting to see if the pain goes away on it’s own in a few weeks. If not, I’ll go see a doctor about it. I don’t have any pain while doing leg presses at all. It seems to be getting better. The first day I couldn’t do a single crunch without it hurting real bad, but now I’m doing 3 sets of 12 crunches and going to work into higher reps next week. Also I’m using HuskerPower program.