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I don’t know if I should post it here but I think adrenal problems is a thing that everybody should look and I think what I’ve found maybe good to the people that are hopeless to read because a lot of people fixed their ED with that.

However, once I got recovered from the flu, I started to feel great. Amazingly great. My libido came back, I felt happy and energetic…and this awesomeness lasted for 3 full weeks, until a business trip stressed me out and I wound up back at square one. I’m pretty sure the Cortef was responsible for the jump in energy, zest, etc. So I don’t understand how it is said that HC only lasts a few hours in the body…mine lasted weeks. I have not had libido in 4 years and suddenly it comes back? I am sure it was the Cortef.

Prednisone took care of my ED and morning wood completely, E2 never really made a difference…I had low cortisol

For SIX YEARS the only response from doctors that I got was that I have mental problems causing my symptoms, like loss of libido,
ED, tiredness, lack of motivation to do things. It was not just one or
two doctors, but SEVERAL. So yeah, I’m not at all surprised. It seems
most doctors are either imcompenent or just don’t care. Luckily, my
problem was not something that would kill me because of late diagnosis,
like cancer. I turned out to be hypothyroid and have adrenal fatigue, and respond
excellently to thyroxine and hydrocortisone. Thanks to internet and
messageboards like this, I solved this puzzle.

after only a few days on adrenal extract I have noticed a huge
improvment on my sex drive too, which was an unexpected but welcome
surprise! :smiley:

i had ED with high-normal IGF-1 and Testosterone…the cure for my ED was prednisone treatment due to low cortisol…

I can tell you from personal experience that once i started treating my
adrenal fatigue with Cortef my sex drive started to come back, muscle
strength and size and energy levels also much better fat loss without trying.
I have my free T and total T levels before treating adrenals and im
getting them tested now during treatment im sure they will be much

Is it possible to lose libido with low Cortisol? I got a Cortisol Stim
test where they inject you with cortisol and they take a few blood
readings and when they gave me the cort, I had a noticable libido jump a
few minutes later. I thought this was odd.

There are many health conditions that can interfere with libido and energy. Glad to hear that you found your weak link. Unfortunately, some have multiple weak links.

52 year old male
190 lbs.
33 in. waist
22% body fat
hairy but waxed regularly
moderate beard
balding, shaved head
BP 130/70
I recently went to an Age Management doc. I am including my labs in the body of this post.
He established the following protocol:
1cc test cyp 210 mg once a week IM with 23 gauge x 1.5 needle
1 tamoxifen 20 mg tab 4x’s per week
1 anastrazole 1mg tax 2x’s per week
all the above for 10 week cycle
Week 11 alternate tamoxifen and anastrazole for 6 days
Week 12 alternate tamoxifen and anastrazole for 6 days in addition
1200 units HCG and 1 55mg clomiphene capsule for 10 days beginning week 12

TESTOSTERONE, TOT.,S. 738.7 193.0-740.0 ng/dL
SEX HORM.BIND.GLOB. 72 HI 10-57 nmol/L
TESTOSTERONE, FREE, SERUM 4.76 3.84-34.17 pg/mL
% FREE TESTOSTERONE 0.6 LO 2.0-4.8 %
LH 4.0 1.7-8.6 mIU/mL
FSH 11.1 1.5-12.4 mIU/mL
ESTRADIOL 20.37 7.63-42.60 pg/mL
IGF-I (SOMATOMEDIN-C) 118 81-238 ng/mL

Total Protein 7.3 5.9-8.4 g/dL
Albumin 4.5 3.5-5.2 g/dL
Globulin 2.8 1.7-3.7 g/dL
A/G Ratio 1.6 1.1-2.9
Glucose 99 70-99 mg/dL
Sodium 138 133-145 mmol/L
Potassium 4.7 3.3-5.3 mmol/L
Chloride 101 96-108 mmol/L
CO2 30 HI 22-29 mmol/L
BUN 12 6-20 mg/dL
Creatinine 0.96 0.90-1.30 mg/dL
e-GFR 82 >60 mL/min
e-GFR, African American 99 >60 mL/min
BUN/Creat Ratio 12.5 10.0-28.0
Calcium 9.4 8.6-10.2 mg/dL
Bilirubin, Total 0.3 0.1-1.0 mg/dL
Alk Phos 78 40-156 U/L
AST 35 <40 U/L
ALT 48 HI <41 U/L
Cholesterol 211 HI <200 mg/dL
Triglycerides 206 HI <150 mg/dL
HDL as % of Cholesterol 21 >14 %
Evaluation: AVERAGE RISK
Chol/HDL Ratio 4.7 <7.4
Evaluation: AVERAGE RISK
LDL/HDL Ratio 2.78 <3.56
LDL Cholesterol 125 HI <100 mg/dL
WBC 5.43 3.40-11.80 x10(3)/uL
RBC 4.61 4.20-5.90 x10(6)/uL
HGB 14.4 12.3-17.0 gm/dL
HCT 42.1 39.3-52.5 %
MCV 91.3 80.0-100.0 fL
MCH 31.2 25.0-34.1 pg
MCHC 34.2 29.0-35.0 gm/dL
RDW 13.5 10.9-16.9 %
POLYS 54.2 36.0-78.0 %
LYMPHS 30.0 12.0-48.0 %
MONOS 8.5 0.0-13.0 %
EOS 6.4 0.0-8.0 %
BASOS 0.7 0.0-2.0 %
Platelet Count 129 LO 144-400 x10(3)/uL
MPV 10.2 8.2-11.9 fL
TSH 3.950 0.270-4.200 uIU/mL
PSA 3rd. GEN. 0.48 <4.00 ng/mL

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

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One of the first things stated in this sticky is not to post your case into any stickies.

Create your own thread and keep all posts about you, over the weeks and years, in that one thread.

In your post, replace the text with “delete” using the [edit] in the right hand lower corner, after you copy and paste it to your own thread.

Stickies are for topic specific info and general clarifications only please.

I’m right there with you Brazilianguy, I went the route of raw pituitary and adrenal caps, bovine and porcine alike and started taking a male complex supplement. it seem to work wonders. I’m going to re read and reread and reread your Siri but I would love to talk more on the subject. I feel you hit the nail on the head and would like to know what you know as this is still a new discovery to me. But a discovery nonetheless that has beyond amplified my lifestyle. You know what I’m talking about haha

I am thinking if there are any good TRT except the ones that need us to inject it to our body… I mean, I got a serious phobia with needles and am thinking to take a gel kind of treatment.

What do you guys think?

We mostly advocate for self injection for these reasons:

  • 100% delivery VS 10% if you are lucky for transdermals [creams, gels], 90% waste=$$$
  • least cost
  • least T–>E2, transdermals can be the worst
  • [note the suggested protocols]

Note that millions are injecting, mostly diabetics. You can inject T with the same tiny insulin needles [see the stickies]. I was needle adverse. But I decided that there was no real reason why I could not do this myself. The insulin needles are quite painless, sometimes I do not feel anything when injecting SC [under the skin, not into muscle IM]. There is no need to inject into muscle and cause damage from decades of that.

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I will post my own thread to describe specifics of my scenario, however, I wanted to post a big thanks in this sticky. I found this forum and thread earlier this year when I initially had blood work come back with extremely low T. This thread was clear and I followed the guidance (after seeing a useless endo). I ultimately found the right doc by following the steps in this thread. It works. So thanks.

I don’t know if its here that I should ask something like this. But I’d like to know more about DHEA, because I saw some people here saying that it did nothing to their ED and libido problems but I’m sure the people here were taking high dosages like 50, 100mg or even more. I was talking to a man about adrenal fatigue and he said that just 5 to 15mg make his libido and energy excellent and he doesn’t feel good on more. I know the conversion to E2. So the question is: Is it better to take in lower miligrams? Because there are many man taking it for more than 10 years and saying it fix their libido and ED. I’m waiting for some good advice specially from KSMAN.

DHEA has no direct effects on libido. If one has a deficiency, that may have mental effects and might rate limit one’s DHEA–>T production and then taking DHEA might have some effect on those issues. Low DHEA is strongly associated with low one year serviceability after a heart attack, as with low T. DHEA seems to have good health benefits, but typically, not something that one would feel. If one gets benefit from low dose and more negates that, DHEA–>E2 with higher dose is a probably reason.

Your question: Depends on whether you are on TRT or not. If on, DHEA would not affect T levels. Best to do labs for DHEA-S and get in the .75-1.00 of high normal range. If DHEA causes E2 issues, you need to reduce DHEA.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. My post has been up for a few days but I haven’t had any responses. Am I on the right track? I wrote 1ml of Test, but my dose is actually 200mg.

Thanks in advance!!

Not here please, tag me at the KSman is here thread.

First of all, I want to apologize if I use this forum incorrectly. This will be my first attempt.

6’1". 280lbs. true waist 42. body fat would be probably around 40%. I would guess. I was diagnosed with Low T about two years ago. My dr. prescribed every gel and patch known to science for the first two year, after failing to bring my T levels to a normal range. Finally she prescribed injectable Test. have seen some improvements but after two increased dosages, my T level is still low(160). any suggestions to help increase my T level?? Thanks

What is your dosing protocol?

Thank you for the newbie references and stickies.

I finally read through the stickies and other threads relating to my condition and situation. I have yet to find a more in depth and thorough forum on the subject of trt.

I have posted all results and experiences in my original thread.

I also would like to update my original post, with information I added in a later reply if possible.

Ksman please look at my thread and guide me "please analyze my report ".

Do not do this here. The KSman is here thread is what you need.

Please do not trash the stickies.


Wow, what a site! Plus you are so knowledgeable. I overwhelmed myself reading and finding articles (for a long period of time), which informed me and confused me, though I gathered my mind to write my first post (this is not it). Part of a reply to my post told me read the stickies, so that is what I am doing right off…starting with the first. Reading just the first sticky took me all day, went through all of the responses, a lot over my head though I will reread.

I don’t how I will learn all this or manage my hormonal, endocrine and other of my health conditions related to this site myself first of all - from the complexity of factors that I read to keep track, and particularly with my serious debilitation from my conditions. It’s all critical. Plus with my doctor (long story, you know what I am saying). If I can, it will take a while. I try my most (which is an understatement), and to write posts how this site wishes us to. I thank you for your patience.

You wrote: 1) When you open a thread [post] for your situation, you need to be using that same thread forever to maintain your “case”. So choose the title with some care, you need to live with it.

I wish I read this sticky first. What I quoted from you is a good, practical idea, and answers part of a question on my post! It also raises some practical questions.

My first post was: Total T Too High. I posted July 10, 2015.

How can I (or anyone) have a title that would cover any needs, questions I have and will have through the months and years - and that people would respond to?

I just don’t know what title a person could pick to their first plus permanent post that would cover all their continuing specific needs, questions, topics, through the years. Most posts are of particular topics, specific questions that catch people’s attention. I feel like all I (or most people) could write for a title to a permanent post as such is my username and I don’t know what? Tim100 or Tim100 hormonal, endocrine topics. Who would want to read an article of someone’s username first of all, plus “hormonal and endocrine topics” is too general, and at the same time doesn’t cover other more topics or questions I have later. If I put it specific, like I have it, Total T Too High, then who is going to read it when I ask about something not related to that, which I am sure I will most of the time. A lot of people, and I am sure that I will, ask specific questions of particular topics or help with how they are doing, as they need, and who knows what month or year of if at all that someone would respond. Too general, too specify or anything in between, and no matter what title - who would read my or any post, particularly through the months, years? - plus if the post is about me (or any specific person) and my ongoing needs, questions? Plus read it close to the time I post it as needs, questions, problems come up, or read it at all.

Should I retitle my first post (and would that cut off people who think my post was deleted)?
I am clueless what to write if I must retitle my post.

I think this is value advice. consider MRI of head, brain, pituitary gland, if you have low T problems.