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Advice for my Wife

My wife and I are getting back into lifting again, I am planning to try Chad’s TBT program, or one of the others. My question is for her, do all the same principles apply to women as men?

My other questions is. Her knees and legs are very weak. She has problems with her knee caps “popping out”, I believe it is because they are weak. Are there any exercises that would help build up her knee muscles? I have had her do squats in the past with fair results, but even with those and the Bar she can’t do it with very good form. Would it be best to use a machine at first?

Thanks for any advice.

YES. She may be a woman but we are all HUMAN. She should train the exact same way as any man of her ability.

Simply start slow and try and make steady slow progress. Start at a point that wont leave you beat up and aim to make steady slow progress. Nail the form, take your time. leave your ego at the door and lift intensly, but safely. Befor you know it the both of you will have progressed further and faster than you’d have thought.

Good luck and welcome to the forum,
Dont hesitate to ask anything you have a question about.

Try Bulgarian split squats for strengthening the knees and step ups. She can just use bodyweight at first and add weight over time. Deep squats are good too and she can even do them with just bodyweight for a while or just a bar to get the form down.

Thanks guys.