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Advice for My Upper/Lower Program?

Hi,i would like to know if my arrangement between the exercices are good, for the moment i can only training in my house with a limited equipment .

Monday Upper

push up

Pull up

Barbell curl
skull crushers

Lower Tuesday

Stiff legged deadlift
good morning

Dumbbell lateral raise and rear supersets

Wesnday: off

Thursday: Upper
Friday: lower

saturday/sunday off

Off day: Neck, Abs, Front arms, Biceps Triceps isolation a bit and stretching*

Thank, i will try to look some Upper/lower program here also

Pick either stiff legs or gm’s … doing both will be redundant.

Reps and set scheme might be helpful.

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Is your off day list meant to be done each day off? What you have listed is getting pretty close to a training day. You’re also already doing bis/tris twice per week. I’m all for arm training, but you probably don’t need to also do them on your off days.

Ok ok for the reps and sets that will depend.

If i work with my weighted jacket or elastic the reps will be between 7-12. That for dips and push up. Always one sets warm up and 3 or 4 sets, depend of my mood.

Pull up without jacket weighted, i want to have a perfect execution, and 4/6 sets Maximum reps.

Rowing yates/ Dumbbell row 8-12 reps 1 warm up, 3/4 sets

For the leg always 12-15 reps or more, I will change somethime stiff deadlift or good morning, i still learn good morning, so i will post a video as i can.

Rest time 2m30

I want work a bit more my arms because they are late i think, i will try to post a picture of them soon here.

Neck 2/1 time by week
Abs 1 time week with Gravity boots 6 sets
Front arms 1 time a week
Arms one time more
Vacuum every morning

My programs will change when i can go to the gym, but for the moment i keep that, Soon i go to the south for one month and i will just be able to training a bit outside and with Ramadan i will training less i guess, i don’t know still how that will be with the Ramadan.

Thank for ur help

Just a thought, but…

I would suggest:




Biggest reason being doing pulling/pushing supersets and doing pullups and pushups first will have your shoulders warmed up good for the dips.
Dips are great, but they are tough on the shoulders/pecs/biceps as a first exercise.


Thank i will follow your advices. When u says supersets that mean the relation between pulling/push ? Not like, supersets= no rest time between exercises.

Because i was thinking to do a supersets somethime, 2 differents exercises without rest time and after 3 minute rest, like push up/pull up and 3 minute… And dips/row and after 3minute.

but i don’t know if is so good for the muscular gain.

What u say seems logic, and dips was a bit hard somethime when i start by that in my full body

Like a set of pullups, rest 20-30 seconds then a set of pushups.
Rest 90 seconds or so, then repeat.
(Just as an example.)

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For one main/heavy lift of the day, otherwise this way too long to be sitting around for a beginner.
…Everything else 30 to 60 secs max, especially arms -will get better pump and slight improve fatloss/conditioning effect also

You practising Muslim/going to be full fasting? or just training in a country where things shut down for Ramadan?

I answer soon as i can, when i can get a computer, thank again for your help

yeah to long but i will/want always increase the weight, i can use a weighted-jacket with 10 to 20 kilo, so i don’t think that a short rest time is a good idea. Because with a short rest time is difficult to improve the capacity to push more heavy.

You need to take that in consideration:

  • For conditioning when i work, i really do already conditioning
  • I can swiming or run for the conditioning why i need to do that, when my goal for the moment is only gain mass and power, i want try to get both of that…
  • i can’t push heavy more and more if i always have a short rest, 2 minute /2,30 is really to long ?

My fasting will be like a classic ramadan when the " sun sleep i can eat" when the sun wake up i can’t ~
that will be my first ramadan so i don’t know how that will be, and i will be in the south of France so i will training just outside in a parc " dips, push up, pull up… " 2/3 time a week i don’t know how that will be, and the training in a park i will use a short rest time like u says. If u have some advices u are welcom, but my goal is not to eat to much in the night, or the meaning of this ramadan is “nothing” if i do like that, just i will lost a bit in this period or a lot of weight, my metabolism is " fast " but i will take some picture, that can be funny

what do u think ?

if i add some weight for pull ups or pushup that will be difficult to do a supersets with short rest. I was thinking to do pullups and directly push up weighted and 3 minute and if i don’t add weight, pullups directly pushup and rest 1m30 ~

thank again for your advices all of u