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Advice for My Sore Joints/Muscles

I need some advice as to what to do to help ease the pains in the joints and muscles of my legs. I’m on my feet literally all day- I can clock up to around 12 to 15 miles worth of pretty brisk road walking out and about during the course of the day, 7 days a week (a good portion of it over an incline) and will a couple of nights a week pull pints at a bar for an hour or two. I rarely get a chance to sit down and only get off my feet for an hour or two a day at most.

Any ideas as to how to ease the pain in my ankle joints, shins, and thighs (also the veeeeery top portion of the front of the thigh- not quite the groin, but just below the front of the hip.) Also what stretches will help loosen up my hamstrings and down round my achilles- they’re as tight as a f**king wire… Thanks for any help!

gellin insoles for your shoes man

Good hamstring stretch:

Good Calves/Use the Bent Knee Version for more Achilles:

I use a foam roller on my hip flexors/quads/IT band. Its painful, but it helps, particularly where you are talking about.