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Advice For My Routine


Day 1: Chest/Delts
-BB Bench
-Incline DB Press
-Cable Fly's
-Military DB Press
-Lateral DB Raises
-Standing Upright Rows

Day 2: Legs/Abs
-BB Squats or Lunges
-Leg Extention
-Stiff Legged DL's
-Lying Leg Curls
-Donkey Calf Raise

Day 3: Back/Traps
-Widegrip Pullups
-Seated Rows or T-Bar Rows
-Good Mornings
-DB Shrugs

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Biceps/Triceps
-BB Curls
-DB Hammer Curls
-Preacher Concentrated Curls
-Tricep Pushdowns
-Overhead DB Extentions
-EZ Bar Skull-Crushers

My current routine is kinda similar to this, except right now i do not do deadlifts or good mornings, im trying to incorperate those into my new routine. I was also wondering about rep/sets. Right now i do 3 sets, at 6-8 reps. I have really hit a plateu as far as building muscle mass and growin - which is my only concern. So im wondering if i do more volume, maybe 2 sets at like 12 reps? I don't know,I guess im confused on what set/rep range is optimal for muscle building - maybe someone can point me in the right direction. My arms are also lagging behind. I can train 4 days a week, im 6'2, currently 210lbs. thank you


Dude, you just had a post similar to this a week or so ago. Like we said before, it's not an ideal program. The volume is too high, and you're training more than you need (and probably more than you should!).

Why don't you one of the programs on the site (ABBH, SFM, TBT, Renaissance Training, 5x5, The 21-Day Itch, EDT, The Holiday Program, Westside for Skinny Bastards, etc.) before trying to put something together that is just way overboard. Many of the above will work far better, and you'll learn a lot while using them.

Go for simplicity. Vary sets/reps each workout. Change exercises every 4-8 weeks or so.


Man, Nate is so right, stop posting shitty potential routines and start lifting heavy shit with one of the awesome programs here!


I catch your drift, how do you feel about "Part-Time Beast" artical? I read through a bunch of articals and its really the only one i found that pertains to 4-day/week training. Do you know if that program is geared toward building muscle rather than strength? Someone asked in the discussion but no one replied so i was curious if you knew ( http://www.t-njation.com/findArticle.do?article=281part2 )


You best bet would be to go with something totally different than what you do now. You said your current program looks like the one you first posted, why don't you go with a high volume upper/lower body split like the ABBH program by Waterbury and after switch to a low volume full body split split like the strength focused mesocycle. This method of alternating high and low volume will allow you to fully recover from your high volume phase (read grow).


I'm would really try Waterbury method. I think it would be a nice change for you.

Also if your arms are lagging you don't really need to devote a whole day of training to them. Instead start doing exercises that allow you recruit the most muscle fiber in that area, which as a result will allow you to move more weight. For example, for biceps you could do heavy BB Rows or Weighted Chins and for triceps weighted dips and close grip press. This goes for all muscle groups. Use combination lifts to help you add mass(squat, bench, rows, push press, deads , etc.)

Just do some searchin' on this site and you'll be fine. Hope this helped.


Im having a hard time deciding between "The Art Of Waterbury" and "ABBH" Both seem like really good plans.


Both ARE really good plans. Looking long-term you might consider doing each and assessing your gains. Even if you decide one is better for you you'll have learned something.

(In other words - do one, then the other)


Try ABBH first for six weeks, then follow with the Art of Waterbury.


Thanks guys, ill get going on this