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Advice for My Program?


Frequency or volume. Not both

CT has a good article about it. Look up his work.


Did you comment after reading the article?

If not, do what you like and good luck.

I’ve seen way worst, but I must admit, I don’t see the direction. Just a bunch of exercise pasted together with no thought for process.

Do either of these -similar but better…

You didn’t find articles on everyday because you didn’t look. Lots of people have talked about it in the 10 years I’ve been here. And again, CT has talked about volume and frequency.

At the end of the day, a bad program followed consistently is better then the best program followed inconsistently.

You have a good base, time to add muscle smartly instead of doing the bulk and cut bullshit.

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Yeah if youve only been training a year and want to put on 20+lbs lean mass in only 4 months. You will struggle to get anywhere near that unless you get on a high quality program and hit it very hard including taking whole days off if thats whats prescribed.

If youre training6-7 days a week and feel fine, you’re not pushing it enough in training.( also can always do cardio/HIIT on off days)


You got good frame got width need thickness, you’re calve ok , you need more volume and weight . When i was startin out a chest tri bi workout was
Incline dumbell press 3 sets 8
Flat bench 5 x 5
Close grip down sets 3x 5,10,20
Hammer curl 4x 10,8,6,4
Scull crusher 4x 8
Strait bar curl, or ez curl 3 x 15,10,5
Bdyw eight dips 50 in shortest time.