Advice for My Program

im trying to mimic the fs7 workout

SS = Superset

do you think my program has too much volume?
Side delts is my weakest point in my delt so i add it in chest days
ii put 1 tricep and bicep exercise in back and chest day because my arms genetics are bullsh*t

or should i drop the fst7 concept and do German volume for the main compound lifts?


Incline DB Press: 3x8-12
Incline DB Flyes: 3x8-12
Flat Bench Press: 3x8-12
Decline DB Press: 3x8-12
Cable Flyes SS Cable Press: 7x8-12
Side Lateral Raise: 5x8-12
Tricep Pushdowns: 3x8-12


Barbell Rows: 3x8-12
Lat Pulldowns: 3x8-12
Cable Pulldowns: 3x8-12
Dumbbell Rows: 3x8-12
Seated Rows: 7x8-12
Barbell Curls: 3x8-12


Squats: 4x8-12
Lunges: 2-3x8-12
Leg Press: 7x8-12
Deadlifts: 4x8-12
Stiff-leg Deadlift: 2-3x8-12
Cable Pullthroughs: 7x8-12
Seated Calf Raises: 3x8-12
Calf Press: 7x8-12


Seated Dumbbell Press: 3x8-12
Front Raises: 3x8-12
Cable Side Raises: 2x8-12
Facepulls: 4x8-12
Side Lateral Raises: 7x8-12
Dumbbell Shrugs: 3x8-12
Machine Shrugs: 7x8-12


Closegrip Benchpress: 3x8-12
Seated Tricep Extensions: 3x8-12
One-Arm Pushdowns: 3x8-12
Tricep Pushdowns: 7x8-12
Preacher Curls: 3x8-12
Alt. Curls: 3x8-12
Reverse Curls: 3x8-12
Hammer Rope Curls or Double Bicep Cable Curls: 7x8-12

Your genetics are not bullshit, your expectations most likely are. Doing this kind of split where you mainly hit one muscle group once a week is just slowing your progress down. You most likely can not hit the muscles hard enough to warrant a 7-day recovery time. Personally I would go for an upper-lower split or thrice a week frequency and never lower than that.

It sucks in 20 characters…

Not totally across FST7 but I’m fairly sure it is 4 exercises that target each part of the acronym.

Personally, I wouldn’t take a high volume program developed by a ‘guru’ who has his target audience and then add a crapload more volume to it unless I fit that audience and I had something else up my sleeve.

I mean, exactly how much intensity do you believe you can squeeze into your 32nd set of arm work for the day?

You are supposed to ramp/pyramid up the weight for all the exercises except for the 7 sets. The 7s are to be done using isolation exercises. Taking this into account, if you compare total volume of actual “worksets”, it is actually less than a John Meadows program and comparable to 5/3/1 with 2 assistance exercises per lift. Anyone can do it(FST-7).

Yes guys, some of you who get all your information off internet articles are actually doing more volume than Phil Heath in the off season.

The real rationale behind the 7s sets is the part that’s fucking funny. You are required to inject synthol and GH into the bodypart being trained prior to the workout to fully stretch the fascia in an attempt to promote localized growth while inducing hyperplasia.

With the understanding that some people reading this might actually try it…


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i see thanks guys i’ll just re work my program and ditch the fst7

Whatever you enjoy doing but i would drop over half of those excercises. Its overkill and i really can’t see anyone maintaning enough focus to do that crazy amount of excercises.

Pick 3-4 core lifts to get stronger at and build your assessory excercises around them. Its simple, it works and its been around for decades.

Big arms? Think heavy pressing and tricep work with direct bicep work.

Big shoulders - Think heavy pressing with high rep shoulder work like CT’s new article on the shoulders.

link of CT new article please?

Do you want me to do anything else sir? :wink:

no much appeciated thanks mate!

lol No problem. This is actually the main article that it came from, just found it.

IMO shoulder training is one of the most important for injury prevention. Almost all lifters i know have or had shoulder injuries. So its a really good idea to get them strong. And if your like me big shoulders make me look skinnier! I’m a big guy 320lb right now but not many people would guess i weight that much and many are shocked. Admittly, i’m pretty fat - mostly in the belly - however. :slight_smile:

photo of you please you must be huge! and also stats hehe