Advice for My high volume training program

okay here it goes:

day 1: squats/incline dumbell
2: barbell rows/ Dumbell shoulder presses
3: off
4: Deadlifts/Benchpress
5: Chinups/Shoulder shrugs
6: off
7: off

i will be doing 10 sets of 8 reps the first week then 10 sets of 6/3/10 respectively for the 2,3rd, and 4th weeks. Im just trying to gain overall strength and mass as ive spent a lot of time in the past training general 3 sets of 8 reps. Just trying to hit everything with basic compound movements. Am I missing anything?? Critique more than welcome

Day1: Squat,Good morning
Day2: db bench press,barbell row
Day3: rest
Day4: Deadlift,Shoulder Shrugs
Day5: Shoulder db press,3pullups,1chins

Add to this some calves,abs, grip work.
I incorporated Zeb’s advice concerning db bench press & pullups/chins.
Only 1/4 of the body is trained each workout.

Either seems to be pretty solid, but I have to lean the way Luca has it laid out with upper body back, lower body posterior chain. Ad the abs, and such, I would suggest some GHR’s possibly on squat days. Vary your stance and grip each work out and see how it goes.

Keep us posted.