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Advice for My First Cycle.


I am thinking of starting a basic Test C/Dianabol cycle. Would using HCG in such a cycle be pointless? At what point does one need to be concerned with using HCG at all? Will I lose any ball mass that needs to be corrected with HCG on this novice cycle?

Right now I am thinking of doing something to the affect of 12 weeks on Test C, the first 5 weeks on Dianabol, remain on Nolvadex throughout the cycle and PCT with an increase in the Nolvadex for the last 4-5 weeks. Would using Arimidex throughout the Cycle and then tapering with Nolvadex be a better option? I dont really want to use Clomid because I hear it is not much different than Nolvadex and has some not so desirable side effects.

Basically, what I am asking is what kind of AI's, SERM's, and HCG's, I would need to take on this cycle.

Thanks for any help. Ive been reading these forums for a couple months now and have gathered alot of good information.


You don't need to include Nolvadex during the cycle unless you feel the need for it. You forgot to mention what your dosage for both Test Cyp and Dianabol would be, that's going to play a crucial role on whether you'll need HCG or not. But to get to the point, it will all depend on whether you feel the need to take it or not. If testicle shrinkage bothers you, then read up on HCG dose/use and incorporate it.

In response to the Arimidex question, yes. It would be preferable if you took moderate doses of Arimidex during your cycle and tapered off the Test Cyp. If you say you've been reading these forums for a couple of months, I'm sure you haven't missed the discussions revolving around the taper method.

Come to think of it, if you say you've been reading these forums for for that long, you should already know all of this; these are things that are asked just about every other day.


500mg/week Test C, 25-35mg/day Dbol

I understand that one needs to taper when coming off of the test C. I was interested based upon my cycle whether using arimidex and tapering with nolvadex, or just using nolvadex throughout and tapering with nolvadex was best.

Thanks for your reply.


At your previously mentioned dosages you are bordering on the need for an AI during cycle. To be safe you may want to run a small amount of adex .25mg/day. Personally if I ran that amount I wouldn't need an AI but everyone is different.
You need to make up your mind on your PCT.

Either using a test taper which I personally like or go with a conventional PCT with nolv. The test taper is not simply dropping your dosage until you are at zero. There is a stasis period that needs to be maintained followed by the gradual reduction. I would read the entire test taper thread both to help you make a PCT decision as well as to plan out a possible taper.