Advice for My Back

So recently I have gotten clearance from my physical therapist and have begun focusing more on my back and increasing the work load. Before I was focusing more on TUT (time under tension) because of my rehab but have since been upping the weight. Strength levels have gone up dramatically but I am still struggling in adding some real thickness and width, any advice is appreciated. My last workout for back included:

Bent over barbell rows - 225 for 8, then down to 205 and 185
Lat pull down - can’t remember the exact weight
V-bar pull down
Hammer strength underhand grip pull down (one arm at a time)
Seated Row - one arm at a time, heaviest set 3 45’s and a 25 on each side

I am pretty sure this is the wrong forum for this…

but umm…deadlifts?

wrong forum

Yeah I figured someone would bring that up, I actually can’t do deadlifts (doctors orders) and I do understand how crucial these are to put on size, Im not really sure what else I can do to bring similar results

I would say just keep at it, you mentioned you just started lifting heavier, so I am sure with the added time and strength the results will come, also as I’m sure you know you need to be eating big to be getting results as well, so I’d say just keep lifting heavy and it will come

If you’re not allowed to do deadlift, how can you be allowed to do bent-over rows?

[quote]CPerfringens wrote:
If you’re not allowed to do deadlift, how can you be allowed to do bent-over rows?[/quote]

indeed. i have bad lower back issues but can rack deadlift decent weight. but heavy bent rows would undoubtedly put me in traction!

it’s all about what I can tolerate, what I have done and how my body has reacted to it, everyone has different issues and different things that cause problems. For example squats are very tough on me but front squats are average. I stay away from the things that I have done and have put me out of training for a week or two. Deadlifts are one of those exercises, along with shrugs, standing barbell curl, etc. Trust me if I could tolerate I would do it, but its not worth doing it if I won’t be able to lift for a week afterwards