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Advice for my Back/Lats


any remarks or tips or anything would be greatly appreciated... for the record I couldn't get anyone to take a photo (or 3) of my back soo i had to do it in front of a dirty mirror




You have to be more specific with your questions.

No ones going to write a thesis on back training.

Check the Round Table thread in the Tcell for a starting point.



Either ask specific questions about movements/training setups or do some research...there's a ton of info on back training in these forums.


was following your contest thread, but just now saw your contest pic (avatar), holy shit ebomb, good work.


Do more back work?

..Nahh, but seriously. Good Teres development(all things relative) and I can see you deadlift. It looks like you pull with your arms when you do your pulldowns. I could be wrong, but judging from lever length and overdevelopment of certain muscles and underdevelopment of other it looks like your bicep dominant. I can also tell you deadlift.

Try placing your hands a bit closer together and imagine pulling with your elbows. Even better straight from the humerus.

Do close grip pulldowns. neutral grip.

Straight arm pullovers from a high cable pulley.

...And of course no back is complete with out all kinds of pullup variations.The more, the better,, LOTS AND LOTS of pullup variations.


Oh. And I know a thing or two about back work^

There my good deed for the lifting world is done for the day.


I like those wings.




Grimy, lol.




@Phyzeekk i do tons of pullups/chins i pull with my lats/teres through the elbows.. not through my bis...your talking to the right guy about the wrong stuff... last time i did pullups for reps i did 65lbs attached to my bdy for 12-15 reps (3 rest paused) lat issues not an issue here.. thanks though.. and yes i deadlift... a better cue instead of pulling through the elbows is pull through the shoulders and scaps... I deadlift, do power cleans / power snatches, underhand bb rows aformentioned weighted chins/pullups basically very little bicep or lat isolation exercises the only time i do those is to ramp up my capacity to feel the muscle if it's low.. ie straight arm pulldowns for 3 reps.


and not "bicep dominant" im more lat dominant. but regardless my biceps are screaming after a set of pullups/chins


thanks for the "advice" though =)


my momma says bacne is the devil









Do more volume on back work, use straps to avoid your arms taking over (they are), and don't take every set to failure...right now, you need to focus on getting you back to do the work. Easy way to do that is doing 4-5 working sets of a couple back exercises, only taking the last once to failure (stop the other sets a rep or two short of it, so you aren't primarily concerned with moving the weight, but with using your back to do so).

Get stronger.


why does everyone think my arms are taking over when i do a back exercise..they DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes i am concerned about moving weight but still using my back! IVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO THAT!! oh and for the record, I am getting stronger. this was more of what do you guys think of my back not a how can I get my back better thread... thirdly i focus on low volume not high volume.. at the time i was wondering what i could do for a given amount of reps 3rdly i'm not concerned with building muscle at this point and cant due to my trainability...
soooo to sum up this reply:
A.) my BACK NOT arms are the dominant muscle in back exercises (although my arms do get hit- it's a fucking compound pull) and I know my body better than you, unless we're having sex then you have no say in the matter
B.) I AM focused on moving weight but still feeling the muscles work...performance training
C.) performance training again
D.) this was a how does my back look thread, not a how can I get it better one... i appreciate the concern though :slight_smile:
E.) i'm not concerned with gaining muscle rignt now (ironically i posted this in the BB section)
F.) I Farted.