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Advice for Most Appropriate Training Based on Lifestyle?

Hey Coach,

I hope that this post finds you well. I am reaching you, because i would like your advice how to program my training. The past year I’ve changed multiple training programs thinking that they are not appropriate for me, because i did not get satisfying results. I am taking supplements, getting the most sleep that i can, eating enough protein, counting my calories but I’ve come to a conclusion that this is due to my job… I am working as IT support for a foreign company and i have awful working schedule. It’s on a rotating principle. One week i am working from 15:00 till 24:00 and the other week from 19:00 till 04:00. At the beginning I did not give this it’s respect, but from the past two weeks i started to think deeply on this one and I’ve come to the conclusion that my strength gains started to go down the toilet shorty after staring this job. I was thinking that the issue is that the program is not good enough, or i am not doing enough and i started to loose motivation. I’ve changed 5-6 programs the past 6 months and now I am pretty damn sure that the problem is with me. This is due to not getting enough sleep(5-6 hours a day tops) and having a lot of stress from the same + some stress at work. I am a neuro type 2b and as you’ve shared for neuro type 2b the worst thing is to have a bad workout. I’ve had plenty bad workouts the past months and this has also affected me. Now I will have to admit that I love my job (despite what it’s taking from me). At the moment where I live it’s the best job/carrier opportunity for a relatively young person as me (26 years old). I also love to lift and I do not want to stop this. Yes, it will come in second place… I started to do some research what would be the most appropriate training with low stress and I came across the “ best damn workout plan”. I really like the idea to train as often as possible and the workouts to be as short as possible. However, this workout is based for mass and I would like to train for strength. Also, I have to study a lot and I cannot afford 6 times a week training. I can do 4 max 5 a week. I’ve tried doing a single lift based program as suggested in your article for the neuro type 2, but it does not fit me well. Somehow I do not feel convenient squatting or doing pull ups only once a week. (If you believe I can this type of training another shot with some tuning I am ok with that, but the way I’ve tried it definitely did not work so well) So, basically I am looking how to structure my workouts to they can be strength oriented, low on stress, and short as possible.
Could you please share with me based on the above information what would be best way to setup my training to fit in my awful working schedule and my goals?
Thank you.

Kind regards,