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Advice For MMA Tournament

I have a shootfighting tournament the next two Saturdays in a row, and I am wondering how I should go about training during this week and next. I’m thinking I don’t want a lot of strength work at all, probably mostly just conditioning via grappling/sparring drills. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know.

For info, I’m 6’2" 250 so I don’t have to worry about cutting weight. And shootfighting in like pankration (MMA without head strikes for amatuer level competitors. Also there isno striking on the ground).

2 weeks switch to bodyweight only work for your strength workouts, 4 days out just chill - get massages, sauna etc… just recover & get mentally prepared.

Thanks, that’s kinda what I was thinking. I’ll probably just spar and train bodyweight stuff and run up til a couple days before the tournament.

is it the SoCal pankration event in Santa Ana?

uh obviously you’re not going to get any startling increases in strength in two weeks. So for the last week I’d work on your conditioning, I wouldn’t really “strength” train per say.

after practicing actually fighting, I’d do tabata work, or javorek complexes stuff like that. Bust your ASS for that week.

and the last week I would spend relaxing, getting massage, icing, practicing your technique and your game plan… making sure to not run yourself down but doing enough to keep your motor running and refresh your mind.