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Advice For Massive Strength!

I’m talking about knowing how much weight and reps you should do. You can’t just go “Mike Mentzerish” on your sets and expect to squat a ton.[/quote]

That’s not entirely true either. There are many people who train mentzerish style that can squat a hell of a lot. Also, bar speed is rather irrelevant most of the time. You would have been better off just saying “use low reps, maybe 3-5 for multiple sets and throw in some doubles and singles”. Also it seems to be some growing misconception or flawed thinking that you need to train with low reps to increase maximal strength. If one increases their bench by 50 pounds while training in the 8-10RM range their 1RM will increase 50 pounds too (or a tad more). Training with lower reps is better at optimizing maximal strength though.

Let’s say joe has been training in the 8-10 range, and bill is a pler who often trains in the 1-3 range. If joe and bill had the same 8-10RM you’d find that bill would lift considerably more for 1RM.

But then my friend everyone is a critic and this is the problem with making a post with generalized advice on any given topic no matter what the subject. You should definately read up on Zat’s work which westside uses emphatically. As far as bar speed goes, however, it’s essential for dynamic effort work but if you’re doing a triple with your 3RM it’s quite irrelevant. Sure you can intend to move the bar quickly but you’d be better served “intending” to keep the bar from crushing you at whatever speed that happens to be :slight_smile:

[quote]Anonymas wrote:
i think ur gettin confused

the bar moves faster because you apply more force

not, u move the bar faster creating more force[/quote]


[quote]TYPE2B wrote:
the faster you move the bar up, the better.[/quote]

Why didn’t you just say that instead of your original nonsensical convoluted sentence?