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Advice for Lowering A1C in a Fit Person?

Hey guys,

Looking for some thoughts on this. My fasting blood sugar is 83 and my A1c has come back 5.7 and 5.8 (six month spread) I’m very precise with my diet and I train 5 days a week. Carbs are at 295, Protein 200, and fat at 80. I surround my training with 160 of those carbs listed and when I ingest simple sugars it’s post training. O, and my LDL came back elevated with a total cholesterol of 163. Probably going to jump on a fist oil sup and see what that does.

I was thinking about going to an IF protocol but I wanted to get some feedback from you guys.

I’m 6’1" and 204 lbs with 8% body fat average over the past 2 years measured with an Inbody 270.

Are you a diagnosed diabetic? Do you have a strong family history of T2DM? Have you abused insulin in the past? I’m trying to figure out why you want to lower a lab value that is surely within normal limits.

Further: 6’1" and 204# @ 8% is jacked–near stage-ready (veins everywhere; full 6-pack; dripping with well-separated muscle). Is that a fair description of you? If not, your BF% machine is off (a common occurrence).

But to answer your question: If your dietary habits are as clean as you say, and you’re as lean as you claim, the only way to further lower your A1c is to choose better parents.


Thanks for your reply @EyeDentist Calipers read me at 11% but I have easy access to the inbody that’s why I use it. Veins in my shoulders, arms, and quads. No abs. But I’ve been bodpoded at 4.7% body fat in the past and I didn’t have abs. That’s the real reason I want new parents :joy::joy::joy:

Anyway. The main reason is because my doc is freakin out on me that I’m pre-diabetic. Nobody in my family is diabetic and I have never abused/or used insulin. He’s telling me I will be diabetic if I don’t get the number down. I guess that’s the main reason I’m asking. The diet is solid. Track every macro.

Just wondering if reducing my carbs or going an IF would be more beneficial…

Technically the doc is correct that 5.7 is the cutoff for being ‘pre-diabetic.’ That said, if he’s worried about a trend (ie, 5.7 to 5.8), he might be overinterpreting the results, on two accounts:

  1. Because lab-test values are often rounded up a decimal place, it might well be the two results were essentially identical but happened to fall on opposite sides of the rounding cutoff; eg, they might have been 5.74 (rounds to 5.7) and 5.76 (rounds to 5.8).
  2. It’s dicey at best to interpret a trend when all one has are two data points.

Let me emphasize I’m not questioning his competence, just suggesting he might be erring on the side of being very cautious.

Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t sound like there much else you could do lifestyle-wise to lower your blood sugar (which is the only meaningful way to lower A1c) other than perhaps going low-carb, or even keto. Did your doc make any specific recommendations?

He just told me to cut out all my carbs. I’ve done that before for 12 weeks and I wanted to die. Lost a ton of mass and had zero energy.

I used to have high hba1c, i used IF to fix it. Just do fasting eat stop eat style, 24 hour fast, twice a week.
My cholesterol got fixed by the IF too, which is crazy.
Another drug you can take is metformin.
Supplements that help , ginger , curcumin and apple cider vinegar.