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Advice for lower body maintenance w/o.

I’m on my resting week right now. Just finished 14 weeks of GG. Actually I’m resting almost 2 weeks, but whos counting? I deserve it, HAHA!

Sunday I will start 12 weeks to Super Strength. It’s an upper body workout that focuses mainly on chest and upper back. I will do this twice a week, and in between will do 1 maintenance w/o for my lower body. However, on my maintenance workout I will focus primarily on my deadlift. Here is the deadlifting program I will do on my maintenance days. ----> www.sover.net/~timw/deadlift.htm

My goal for the next 12 weeks is to build my chest upper back and increase my deadlift. Upper body msucles lik the bis,tris and shoulders are included in the Super Strength workouts.

Ok, enuf fool’n around. My ? is, what other lower body exercises should I do (if any?) on my maintenance days shold I do other then deadlifts? I want to keep it short and simple, because deadlifts wear the ^$%#@ out of me! And should I do deads 1st on those days or @ the end of my workout?

How do lunges, overhead squats, calve raises sound?

Input would be great!