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Advice for Losing Bodyfat?


Hello everybody this is kikoman i am a recovering alcoholic. Jk. Can some one give me some pointers as to how to loose lil bit more body fat, i don't like the frigging jogging nor treadmills. I have 2 months before a local comp. and am stuck. TANX!


Way to make a good impression with your first post.

What does your current nutrition look like?

What's your current training plan?

I hesitate to ask, but, exactly what kind of competition are you doing in two months?


Do people actually read anymore before posting? It's a bodybuilding site, yet you just asked for advice on losing fat.


I am disappoint.


Eh, last time I checked, dieting is an essential part of bodybuilding.


If you get the nerve to come back and reply to Chris, please do.

What I've been doing lately is moderate to high incline, moderate to high resistance, on the "crossramp". Looks like an elliptical except the arms do not move. Target HR of between 120-130 bpm. This should be challenging, but not taxing. Boring? Very.

HIIT is another wonderful method.


Yes. You're exactly proving my point. It's the internetz, so I think you misinterpreted the tone of my post. He asked a vague question which is at the essence of what this site is all about...hence my first question about actually reading the articles.


Dude, are you serious or you having a laugh?

I mean I know its hard to see the search bar but did you even try the articles? Id say that easily 40% of the stuff written on t nation here is for fat loss.

Let me guess, reading is a little too taxing yeah? Wait, they have that covered too! Most of the articles have summary and cliff notes so you do even have to spend 3 minutes reading the entire thing:)


apologize for absence bills come b4 gym. any how somebody asked bout ma diet i am doing a 2 grams of whey protein x lb. am not taking any fat burners and no fats.


Huh? Let me clear this up for you ahem WHAT ARE YOU EATING ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS.