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Advice for Long Term Usage (5+ Months)?

I created this topic to get some input and advise on this and that’s running 375mg of test e for around 5 months or so (maybe longer). Health wise I’d plan on taking hcg with it but not sure about the dosages but that’s a different topic. I’ve already ran one cycle and that was 500mg of test for 10 weeks then I upped it to 750mg for 6 more weeks. My gains were nuts I gained 46.7 pounds off of just test. Anyways the question here is what would running a low amount of test for a prolonged amount of time do to my body and what can I do to help aid my health while doing so

Thanks hope someone can help

Long term you’re better off cruising on a much lower dose. Ideally you’d find a dose that keeps you on the higher side of the “normal” range. Being at supraphysiological levels for a prolonged period of time can increase risks. It’s like anything else, really. The guy who has one glass of whiskey a night is at less risk than the guy who has three. But the guy that has six is worse, so the guy who has three says “well I’m being a lot safer than that old drunk”. There’s a compounding effect. There are tons of guys who blast and cruise and maintain their physique with as little as 100mg/w.

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