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Advice for Legs, Biceps


Hi everybody,

First of all, I am just seeking some advice on training . I used to hang around here and I learned alot, but I've forgotten alot.

I pretty much fell off the face of the earth since around very early September 2009. I got hit with alot of crap and I've had to go through alot of stuff, like most people, and I fell into depression and made some bad choices/habits. It probably seemed inevitable to outside eyes, but, it still happened.

To make a long story short, and avoid boring you with my bullshit; I fell away from my lifting habits (and eating habits), started some bad habits, and I had fell to below 100lbs for the first time since I was 16.

I started trying to pick myself back up in February and I've corrected alot of the bad habits that I had created, and I began lifting again about a month ago. I've put back on a pretty good amount of what I lost. However, I am having some difficulty.

When doing back squats (or any excercise involving the quadriceps) my left thigh does not seem to want to cooperate anymore. I feel like my entire left thigh is not firing anymore and I am unsure how to go about fixing this.

I tried doing leg extensions one leg at a time to try and activate them individually, and then doing something like back squats or front squats, but this did not help terribly. It just led to a slightly better pump in my left thigh, but an even greater one in my right thigh. Any ideas?

My other inquiry is about bicep training. I have been doing a 'concentration curl pyramid'... I have been taking X weight and curling it 5 times in one hand, then immediately switching to the other hand and curling it 5 times, and switching hands each time, adding 5 reps each switch, building up to 15 reps, and back down to 5. So 5-10-15-10-5 in each hand.

Now obviously, I have to almost cut the weight in half do this, compared to a regular 10-15 rep set of concentration curls. I am wondering, if I keep consistent with this, will it be worth my time? Or would it just be better to do a regular straight set of 10-15 reps for concentration curls? It is pretty hard and makes me pretty sore (a pretty insane pump too), but will this help with size? or more muscular endurance?

Sorry if these questions seem simple. I've just been through quite a bit and I hadn't even thought of training in quite a while.

I don't want to say idiotic things and be thought of a retard, on these boards, anymore. I love this place just like the rest of you do, and while I was very immature before, I will be no longer.

I am not looking for anymore bullshit, like my old thread 'I went to egypt', I just wanna train and communicate with like-minded individuals.

I'm serious about it this time, and while I won't be sharing any stats for years to come, I want to and will stick with it. I already feel like I am taking a more intelligent approach to both my training and diet this time around. I'm ready to go full blown.

We all have to grow up sometime, right?



I'm not sure if there is a beginner section still, as I do not remember if I changed any settings to show or hide forums way back when. I would've posted this there if there was still one. I'm not seeing any though. So my apologies ahead of time in case this is in the wrong forum.


Krazy, there is a beginner section, here is the link. Also i'm glad you seem to be back at it and in the right frame of mind to go about it. I would read the stickies at the top of this link.


But as to a couple of your questions. For your quadriceps, there are a couple of ways to go about attempting to fix the issue. First one i would try is to use a technique called touch proprioception. Basically that is where you put your finger or hand on that particular body part and focus on making it contract. Then practice doing that without touching. Once you can get that mind to muscle control it will make contracting the muscle during exercise much easier. The next thing is to go get checked out by a chiropractor to see if you have any pinched nerves that might not be working up to par.

Concentration curls can help yes, but i would be more inclined to do more basic exercises like db curls or barbell curls. More bang for your buck sort of thing.

Knowledge is power. So read up and soak up as much as you can.


On the leg thing, how's your stretching? Maybe it's being inhibited by an opposing muscle group.


Is that all you are doing for biceps? I find those sort of things work best for biceps if you throw them in at the end of a bi workout.


Hey, thanks for your reply:) and thanks for the link:) I definitely need to refresh my mind on alot.

I'll have to try the touch proprioception technique. I've never had this issue before so I really had no clue how to go about helping it! I can't really afford to go to a chiropractor right now, also.

I would simply place my hand on my left quad while doing leg extensions ? (for example)



I've never been big on stretching and so yeah, I haven't really stretched much at all since I began lifting again. I always do light stretching before legs though... as I had a really bad experience way back. I was doing back squats, and I hadn't warmed up and I hadn't stretched...

I did like 2 reps and then my entire right thigh went numb and I almost lost control of the weight. Luckily my friend was a good spotter though, because I was freaking out.


Currently it was all direct bicep work I was doing.

I have issues with my right wrist and I tried to find something that would force me to use a lighter weight in the first place, but still be challenging, to give my wrist time to adjust back to lifting.

I could probably just do really high-rep barbell curls though.


I would practice just getting used flexing the left quadriceps whenever you can. That way you'll have a little practice so to speak before your next leg session which should make it a little easier to do while actually doing the exercise.


heavy barbell curls > concentration curls


having a hottie as ur avatar > having a fatty as your avatar






Try stretching your hip flexors before you squat and doing some dynamic work (leg swings both across your body and front to back). Check out magnificient mobility if you can. There are also articles on here for stretching. I feel much more prepared with a couple minutes of dynamic work and some minor stretching. It also lets me know if anything is tight/sore before I go with the warm up sets.