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Advice for Jogging in the Cold?

good ol canada hahaha, its getting god damn cold out but i just cant seem to get on a treadmill at the gym. I have fell in love with going for jogs with my dog but im just wondering what you guys do for running in the cold? I get ear aches EXTREMELY easily and even with ear buds, bandana and a hood on i get awful ear aches.

Any tips or secrets that you guys use to continue to run in the cold winter? Any tips or anything would be greatly appreciated because nothing is better then being able to be outdoors!

Thanks a lot ahead of time

stair runs indoors?

or you could stop being a pussy?

Well make sure you warm up properly (that is quite obvious). For your ears I would suggest buying a good hat and put your hood up over that. That should stop ear aches better than a bandana.

Weak genes, canuck.

I never had trouble with the ears, my deal was the dry-cleaned lungs feeling after a good run. My answer was to wear a thin balaclava to cover the mouth and nose. the extra cloth seemed to help pre-warm the air going in. This might help with your earaches, since all those structures are connected.

I got something here i use. Its a fleece headband with countourd cut to cover the entire ear.
Its shaped like a letter P if it was pushed over on its side. Look into it cause its great under a winter hat and the way it covers my ears makes it really great.


Never had too many earaches and I logged 70 mile weeks in January and February in Vermont. Get a good hat/headband. However, I do recommend carrying a sock in your waistband to put over your dick. The running “coldcock” I got sometimes was worse than any earache.

Under armour (or something like it), and pay attention to your breathing. Make sure you eat enough because running outside when it’s -20 or lower burns the cals.

My gear combo when I was running last winter was underarmour then a thermal shirt then a baggy hoodie, then a thick toque that covered my ears and two pairs of socks w/ running shoes. For pants I’d just wear track pants but I have hairy legs so I never needed anything else. I never wore anything over my mouth, I just got used to the temperature after a while. And gloves.

awesome. ya i was thinking i would use my under armer hat thing that I used when I played football in highschool. Thanks for the quick replys guys.

Also you could see if your local University has an indoor fieldhouse with a track to run around. This is what I use in the winter because I can’t run on treadmills and its damn dangerous here in the snow.

or u could “just not be a pussy” like buddy said earlier hah. Good ol Canada lol.

If anyone has a chance and has a few minutes to give me a hand with my training, I got a log that I just started and looking to really take my shit to the next level now that I’m laid off.

If that link doesnt work the thread is called “Finally starting a log” in the Training Log forum

Not ear-related but I like my Asics Gel Artic WRs – water resistant, and little metal spikes on the bottom. Hardcore, but not useable on pavement!

I’ve read that a neck-warmer can make a big difference, not just by covering your neck/throat but by preventing cold air from funneling down the front of your jacket. I’ve not tried it, though.

I too like the outdoors. I refuse to treadmill. I’ve not tried a tubesock on my cock, but I tend to under-dress.

Hats – get something that covers your ears totally (you’ll just have to listen harder for bears, now). I find that stuff that comes halfway down has a funnel effect, speeding up the air as it rushed over your ears.