Advice for Injecting Properly?

Hey guys

I’m on my second TRT cycle and it’s my first time injecting myself. Questions on making sure I’m doing it right if you’d be so kind to lend suggestions:

  1. I’m injecting into the mid thigh per an instructional video. I noticed on my second shot that I penetrated, then felt almost a second penetration that felt a bit weird, but I chalked this up to getting it into the muscle.

With that said, I felt better and more immediate effects the next day, but also an increase in soreness at the injection site the next day after running. Did I do it wrong?

On my first injection I think I just didn’t go deep enough because I didn’t feel the second “penetration” and effects were not as noticeable so after reading forums I thought I just was in a fatty area instead of muscle.

  1. Is there anyway to decrease soreness at the injection site?

  2. Should I stick to injecting the glute or is this more fat tissue?

Thanks in advance guys!

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Not sure what you mean by a TRT cycle?

As for the jab, your muscle can hurt a day or so after, if you’ve never injected that spot before but it shouldn’t really be sore. Most guys cycle areas, shoulder, glute, thigh. Some only do one area. I only pin glutes, 26g needle, 0,4ml per pin.

Are you trying for intra muscular or sub q? What length needle are you using and how much are you injecting ml wise?

  1. You don’t cycle TRT. You can do a steroid cycle, but that isn’t TRT

  2. Try injecting in your delt instead. You can use very small insulin needles, 1/2”, 27-30g needles work fine.


Thanks for the quick response.

I’m running testosterone Ethanate followed by PCT. (sorry- semantics. I’m new to this)

I’m running as a “cycle” 250mg weekly for 8 weeks in an effort to get some gains and hopefully get my system producing at a higher level post cycle. I know this may be pipe dreams, but I noticed having higher levels for over 12 months after my last experience with TRT.

Right now I use a 26 gauge needle and inject the whole vial in one shot into my quad.
I noticed that it doesn’t quite add up to the proper conversion in the syringe and I’m wondering if it’s due to shotty medical standards in Thailand or maybe just a wrong conversion on my part. (It shows up as about 1ml) in the syringe.
Should I split the injection into two sites?

I was told this needs to be injected into the muscle. (Not sure what sub q means?)

Also, I noticed that at the very end of the syringe there is a tiny bit that remains after the syringe is fully compressed. Seems like a bit of a waste even though it’s a tiny amount. Is there anyway to utilize that bit or am I just over valuing/ overthinking it?

Hmmm. Ok I’ll bite. What you’re doing is not TRT. It’s a steroid cycle so wrong board anyway, should be in pharma. Post on there and also list your planned PCT. as well as bloods because that’s the only way to be sure your levels were higher and is more absolute than feeling it. Your “system” will be shutdown and in all likelihood be at a lower level afterwards for a period of time, regardless of the PCT.

I like to try give meaningful advice but I can’t help but feel you haven’t done enough research to be doing this.

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Yeah, just needs to be moved to Pharma

And, I agree

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Assuming you recovered higher than you started the last time, I wonder if it’s behavioral, diet was more on point, activity levels were conducive for t stimulation, and better sleep, then over time you reverted back to old habits and t levels went back down. Could be a stress thing too.

Also how much higher were the t levels, post recovery vs before. Most people recover to about where they started to. Even 100 points or more may just be regular fluctuation.

Yes you are 100% correct:

I stopped lifting and ended up drinking and partying way too much losing all of my hard earned results.
Off the sauce and eating clean now.

I get my levels tested again in 2-3 weeks so I will report back then.
Last time I stopped mid dose and didn’t do pct so i think that had something to do with it.

I did notice I am sleeping much more this round on Ethanate as opposed to cyp. But my focus and metal clarity is much sharper. Gains seem a bit slower but this is only week 2.

Diet is as follows: (I’m at 175lbs now)

220-260 gram protein goal per day

-4 eggs and breakfast meat

-25-50g protein shake snack

-gym around noon

-50g shake post workout with fruit

-fish or half chicken 1.5-2 hours later

-25g protein shake with fruit

-Muay Thai/ mma (2-3 hours)

-25-50g protein shake

-salmon sushi ( no rice) or chicken

*at night I keep a protein shake by my bed if I get hungry

I also don’t hit all the protein shakes and only take in 100-150g of protein shakes and get the rest from whole food.
Taking carnivor beef protein but getting on whey soon due to the high sodium