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Advice for Hot Water Bottle Bursting and Ribcage Expansion?


I know that this topics from the Golden Era are no longer popular. I´ve been looking for training protocols to start with the hot water ballon burst, as well as with ribcage expansion. The later being denied in lots of sites; but anyone who has seen a person with emphysema in later stages knows that lungs can do that to the ribcage.

Since hot water bottles are not standarized equipment I wouldn´t know with which brand or type start.

It would be great and highly appreciated if you could suggest me a protocol to work on these two things; specially with the bottle burst. I hadn´t found any training protocol on the web


I have zero idea about the hot water bottle thing. Never trained for it, never saw or talk to anybody training for it. Never saw it except from footage in Pumping Iron. It’s not something that interests me either.

The ONE thing I could recommend to train the lungs and diaphragm is the POWERBreathe trainer. Some endurance and crossfit athletes I worked with use it. As do a lot of musicians. I tried it and it is really hard and you can progressively add resistance.

You really hit the nail!

I want to incorporate that to my training to augment my natural sound board (ribcage) as well as my airflow power output and endurance (exhalation muscles) since I am reeducating my voice.

Your answer made me think in someone I could address regarding this. If I found something I will post it here.

Thanks for your time!