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Advice for Home Workout?

I was wondering if i could have some advise on my workout as I do 30 second hold pulse squats with 3 sets till fail. And press up being 6 seconds down 4 seconds up also 3 sets till fail. I dont really count my reps as i like to focus on my breathing and my form

So… … … what’s your question?

The “workout” you described is just very-slow tempo squats and very slow push-ups. It’s better than not exercising at all, but it’s not a well-designed plan, won’t build much muscle or strength, won’t burn fat, and will be tricky to improve since you don’t track progress.

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Mainly ways that i could improve it

What’s your actual goal?

Do walking lunges if your knees can handle it. Slowly increase reps.

Take a look at this:

(And no, you won’t look like the guy in the picture.)

If you don’t want to do that (although it’s a decent plan), just do squats, lunges, glute bridges…maybe be calf raises.

For upper body, I’d try other variations of pushups, rather than just doing them slowly. Close grip, wide grip, decline, clap, double clap, TRIPLE CLAP!!!, one handed, have someone sit on your back (got kids?), etc. There’s tons of variations.

If you have two chairs or a corner of your kitchen counter, you could potentially do dips. Practice handstands and work on handstand pushups.

As for upper body pulling movements you’re really gonna want a pullup bar or something similar - a tree branch, a swing set, etc. Something sturdy to hold on to. From there you can do close grip, conventional, wide grip pullups/chinups. L-pullups, archer pullups, typewriter pullups, one handed (doubt you’ll reach this anytime soon but why not try!). If you’re too weak for pullups, do inverted rows on something - again, gonna want something sturdy to hold on to.

You can easily buy some fairly cheap gymnastic rings (I’d go with wooden over plastic ones) off Amazon or something and hang them around a tree branch that may not be perfectly even, but since the rings are adjustable you can even them out. If you have these you can do pushups/dips on them too. Maybe even like a hanging/sliding leg curl.

But like Chris said, what’s your actual goal? If you just want to workout at home there’s a bunch of options, but if you’re looking for fat loss, or a decent amount of muscle and strength gain, you’ll need to probably lift weights and take a look at your diet.


Mainly just build more muscles in the thighs and glutes. I mean this is just the stuff i wanna improve. As i do other exercises

In that case, seeing your entire training plan (the days, exercises, sets, reps) is necessary before making adjustments.

Ok well mondays is sqauts and chin ups chin ups follow the slow tempo set up. Tuesday is press ups with eblows in as well as shoulder push ups. Wensday is sqauts and T25 abs. And
Saturday is just sqauts.

Im not looking to gain tons of mass and for my diet its porridges, vegs and meat.

Are these handstand pushups?

No just pike position but same form as handstand push ups.

Workout 1
A) Pistol squat 10x3
B) Any chin-up variation 25 total reps
C) Any push-up variation 40 total reps

Workout 2
A) Pistol squat 8x4
B) Any chin-up variation (different from previous workout) 40 total reps
C) Any push-up variation (different from previous workout) 25 total reps
D) Glute bridge 4x10-12

Alternate 3 days a week. So, Monday Workout 1, Wednesday Workout 2, Saturday Workout 1, etc. Do abs at the end of one workout, once a week. And forget the super-slow tempo stuff, there’s no benefit.

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Thanks and without sounding like an ass you do know what time under tension is right the more time the harder the muscles have to work.

I’m guessing the forum director knows what TUT is, lol.

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Why not do just one rep that’s as slow as a snail with a broken leg and lasts 90 seconds?

Moving very slowly addresses the time part of “time under tension”, but there’s minimal power output so not many muscle fibers are being recruited, which means you’re neglecting the tension part. The basic same reason you can’t curl a pencil for 1,500 reps and build biceps. Plenty of TUT but basically zero muscle recruitment.

Excessively slow training can be an occasional one-off, just for the hell of it, change of pace workout, but as a consistent training method, it’s been pretty thoroughly debunked as inefficient for muscle and thoroughly useless for strength.

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Thanks for explanation and yer fully admit i was being a bit defensive as its pretty much been my thing for the last 3 years and feeling like being told don’t bother felt like a punch in the gut anyway still thanks for all the help and information

No worries, man. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to spotlight stuff that is or isn’t working.

Pretty common too, a lot of guys fall into habits and stick with stuff because it’s habit, not necessarily because they’re the most effective methods. Like how guys use crap bench press technique for years and wonder why their shoulders hurt or how they’ll squat high for so long, a legit parallel squat feels super-deep.

Like I was saying though, there’s totally a time and place to play with tempo. But regularly using extremes just isn’t the best approach.