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Advice for Gloves


Three questions for everyone who owns/uses boxing gloves of one sort or another-

1) Do you spend your money on one really good pair of "training gloves" and use them for everything, or split your cash on a pair of decent sparring gloves and a pair of bag gloves/mitts?

2) Pros and cons of mitts vs gloves when hitting the bag?

3) Any specific brand recommendations?



1} I got one pair of really good gloves that I could use for either sparring or training, although I don't spar much really. You're better off getting one REALLY GOOD pair instead of two mediocre ones.

2) Not sure what you mean by gloves vs. mitts, or what bag you're referencing?

3) Title- good bang for your buck. Lot of the boxers I work with also like Jaab. Stay away from Everlast.


1 if you spar often you need 2 pairs, if your sparring gloves get all rough/cracked then they're going to fuck peoples eyes and face up.
Personally I get decent leather sparring gloves and still decent but a bit cheaper bag gloves, fir I lo g time I just used sparring gloves and used whatever the club had lying around for bag work.

2 use a similar cut/style to what you'll fight with. Seems daft not to

3 as long as they're leather, most people can punch through a pair of PU gloves in 3 weeks or less.


1) Get a 14oz glove if you spar (that's assuming you weigh under 175 because I think above 175, you should use 16oz for sparring)

2) Just stay safe, save the brittle bones on your hand and hit the heavy bag with training gloves

3) Twins Special works wonders for me. It's an AMAZING glove in my opinion


I'd get a decent/good pair of 16oz sparring gloves, and some cheap(er) 10/12oz gloves for other stuff.

A good pair of 16oz sparring gloves will work for everything, but you'll wear them out pretty fast...


I've got a pair of Hayabusa 16 oz sparring gloves that I like, YMMV.


If you get a really good pair of sparring gloves and start fucking around on the bag they are going to get minced.

Then you get to buy another really good pair of sparring gloves.

I don't see the problem with getting a solid pair of sparring gloves and bag gloves. The latter cost fuck all.


Cheers for the advice, looks like I'll be getting two pairs. I'm about 182lbs so 16oz sparring gloves are in order.


These are the nicest gloves I've ever worn. Well worth the price.


Mo f'n Venum training gloves! I've owned four pairs of gloves and I think these are the best gloves ever. Tight fit, which is what I love. If you've got banana hands forget it.



Mine. I love them.


I know you guys are talking about Boxing gloves here, but I thought I'd throw this question out there.

Any of you tried Muay Thai gloves before? ie. Raja, Twins, King etc
How do they compare to the western boxing gloves? in any sort of way actually.

I've got a pair of Protex2 Everlast, since it's kinda hard to get other boxing glove brands here in Malaysia. Everlast is the only boxing store i know. sadly they focus their sale of clothing and converse-like shoes instead of boxing equipment.


Depends who your training with and where you're fighting, the EBF fight in 10oz gloves, if you've only ever been hit with 16s your going to get a hell of a shock!


Thai gloves are more flexible and have a smaller bar, so you can grab and clinch better. Thai gloves also seem to be bigger. I wore a pair of 16ox Fairtex holy shit my hands were swimming in there, but in 16 oz Fighting they fit just about perfect