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Advice for GF, She's Never Cycled

Hi I have no experience here, asking for my girlfriend, who’s 28. She wants to try a cycle, the main effects she wants are increased libido and clitoral size ( I’m not complaining ) and also of course increased physique gains. But she actually is mostly interested in the first two . I’ve told her these come with possible voice deepening , hair growth and skin changes and she is adamant .

She’s in good shape already, fairly lean good muscle mass, works out regularly. She is about 5,3 53kg. Never done anything before .

As far as I looked, T Bol seems the best choice, or Anavar. I’m not keen on her injecting, so was thinking orals be ok for this? Her friend tried it (injections , not sure which) so she wants to do it too after she heard the benefits. And how much dosage? As you can tell I am clueless, but any help would be appreciated . Thanks

The increased libido might work but libido is such a tricky thing to figure out as a look at the TRT threads will show. The libido increase is only on cycle noticeable, some roids even trash libido completely and this is individual. So after she stops, and she has to stop someday because of lipids and other side effects, it will be gone. Not worth it in my opinion.

This side effect is achievable but at what cost? Deepening of the voice? Hormonal disruption? Hair loss? Hair growth? If it’s a medical problem, it should be overseen by a medical specialist. But I don’t know if these kind of doctors exist.
As I see it, your GF is very immature for being 28. She has not come to terms with her genitalia (a step through which most people go at age 13-15) and she wants short lasting benefits for problems downstream. I know our culture promotes this behavior but as a 28 yo, there must have been some kind of insight into oneself especially when you’re

We see a lot of guys here fucking themselves up with roids, but with women this is even more likely and difficult to handle.

I’m strongly advising against this route and I’d encourage her to do a good amount of thinking
(apart from her having a severely undersized clit where it would be understandable at least).

If she’s after side effects, she’ll get side effects. And she’ll ask herself why she ever did this to herself.

If she (you) doesn’t have children yet, I’d advise even more strongly to overthink this.

I’m not fear mongering here. There’s reasonable behavior and then there’s irresponsible teenage like behavior, this falls in the second category. I’m still happy you asked before jumping on the train and I’m sure some people will give you advice regarding substances, but I won’t in this case. There’s too much maturing to do it seems.

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I’m attaching this

“ The female AAS users reported using an average of 8.8 PEAs in their routine. Compared with male AAS users and female non-AAS users, respectively, female AAS users were more likely to have met criteria for substance-dependence disorder (58.3% vs 23.4%; P = 0.01; 58.3% vs 9.1%; P < 0.001), have been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness (50.0% vs 17.4%; P = 0.01; 50.0% vs 22.2%; P = 0.04), and have reported a history of sexual abuse (41.7% vs 6.1%; P < 0.001; 41.7% vs 15.3%; P = 0.03).”

From: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21079445/

Well thanks for your honesty. I think the reason she wants it is she just heard her friend got increased sexual pleasure from it. That’s why she wanted it bigger . I personally advised against it , she probably doesn’t realise the gravity of it is as everyone of her friends has used them and she wants to try it.

Like you said she’s adamant. Anavar would be my recommendation. Maybe 10 mg/day to start and monitor from there.

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Thanks. Read this thread on Reddit , is he bullshitting or is his wife on just benefitting from being in shape - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/deadbedroom/comments/64e6g1/wife_went_from_ll_to_nympho_turinabol/

Maybe a little of both. My wife did a little anavar before didnt feel much. She also ran some low dose test for a while but stopped because she thought her voice changed. her clit did grow some but not into some kind of tiny penis! LOL and she never went nympho on me.

Now that’s a shame…

Tell me about it!!!

My wife tried Var at 10mg/day. Yes her libido went up, no other negatives except her hair started shedding much more than normal, so there’s that. Also your GF weight will go up, even though it’s muscle my wife couldn’t get her head around this. If she does it, I’d start at 5mg/day and max at 10.
I’ve got to ask, is the higher libido for 6 odd weeks worth the possible negatives? I don’t think AAS should be used just for libido outcomes.

My wife is on testosterone as HRT now, even though she’s older than your wife. Why not start with blood tests and see if she could be a candidate for HRT? Bear in mind the impact on the hormonal system, early menopause etc etc.

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Yes I did advise blood tests, she’s a bit hard headed though

Ffs, now she read a study about German athletes with crazy libido and wants T Bol, I mentioned those athletes also had Barry white voices to go with it but she thinks she will just stop at first sign of virilisation.

Clitoral growth is a sign of virilisation. She probably won’t get one without the other.

When her Clit grows she will already have the voice of Beyoncé when she’s not singing

This how it all starts. Before you know it you will be going out with a female to male transsexual.
The good news is these days society is cool with it:)

In all seriousness there is no going back from virilization.