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Advice for Getting Jacked Legs?

My upper half certainly doesn’t resemble Macaulay Culkin, but my legs need WORK. I have very little direction when it comes to bulking the lower body. I absolutely loath doing squats and lunges, those seem to be brought up every time I ask about legs. There has to be other methods.

I’m really only interested in exercises that can be done at home, with free weights and/or a bench. I appreciate anyone taking pity on this wayward new guy and lending some advice.


squats and lunges.

Throw in some dead lifts and calf raises too.

Yes there are other methods,
they just suck compared to squats.

Learn to love the results squats give,
weightlifting wasn’t meant to be easy, if it was everyone would be jacked.

Age, height, weight, lift stats?

Squats, milk, then more squats. Drink more milk then do lunges.

Seriously though, if you have to work out at home and you have limited equipment there aren’t many choices other than the squat and lunges.

The facepalm is strong in this one

I’m 20 years old. My height/weight are in my profile.

My upper body workout entails:

Pyramid: 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2
Pullups x 1
Pushups x 2
Chinups x 1
Pushups x 2
Situps x 3
Bardips x 2
30 lb. weight belt worn all throughout. The cycle of calisthenics I apply to the number corresponding on each pyramid step. But, as you can see, no legs in there. And that’s what has brought me here. :\

Stop. Pack up all your shit, put it in storage! Just leave it alone.

Squats, squats and more squats. Dude, you can’t build a house without a foundation. For real tho, there are several variations: back, front, goblet, jump, single-leg (aka bulgarian or split). Lunges are great, sumo deads are pretty good also. The romanian dead (aka stiff-legged dead) for the hams and some calf work should just about do it…BUT wait, you DON’T want strong legs do ya? “I absolutely loath doing squats and lunges”…hmmmm, seems like you might be wasting your time here…

Thanks for the advice so far guys! I can see veins popping out of my legs already. This is fantastic!

Pathetic troll job is pathetic

Single-Leg Body-Weight Knee Extension from Plank Position gasps for air

2nd page very top.