Advice for First Time Gear User

Recently ordered Winstrol Tabs. Always been a hard gainer but was told winnie was a good introductory roid.Just worried I won’t gain much size. However I plan to eat clean but eat alot while training. Any advice on workouts or diets would be appreciated.

Whoever you’re listening to, just stop, stop now.
What are your stats to get a general idea of where your at

I’m 5’10 at 160lbs 20yrs. Been lifting and eating semi right since 17. I know alotta guys say wait a while. But I plateau left and right and I end up just trying to switch exercises or diet.

5’10" 163lbs 20yrs old.
Been seriously training and eating semi-correctly since I was 17.
I just keep hitting plateaus left and right and I’m ready to fill out more.
I hardly look like I can lift what I can. Any advice is awesome.

I did fast reply sorry if this gets posted a jillion times,
20yrs old
Serious training since 17yrs of age.

What does your diet and training look like? If you don’t have both of those on point, then drugs won’t help.

Doubt your eating “semi correctly”

And doubt your plateauing, your diet or routine is off