Advice for First Cycle?

Hi all, I’m 31 year old male at 6ft4 weighing 97kg.
2 years ago I weighed 130kg and was in bad shape.
I decided to start a gym and watch my calorie intake, over a year later I lost the 33kg!
Then I got a PT and started weight training as I’d only ever done cardio and HIIT workouts.
It’s been 5 months of PT working on push/ pull/ lower/ push/ pull / dayoff (repeat)
Iv gained small muscle impact and have seen increase on my chest and back.
I want to get bigger quicker and am serious about starting a first cycle to see how this goes.
I wanted to know:
what a good cycle for a beginner is?
Where you buy it from?
How quickly in the the cycle do you start to increase what you can lift?
What supplements do you also need to take (as Iv read it impacts your liver and kidneys when cycle taking)
Any advise would be great guys!

First of all you are asking a lot of questions that show me you should do some reading before jumping into a cycle. You have done great work so far losing weight, but building muscle in an effective way is a different thing. I would first advise you to make SURE your training, diet, and supplements are on point (for example - are you using intraworkout nutrition, are you getting enough protein, has there been any kind of stall in your training that indicates it’s actually time for a cycle)…I would ensure all of these first.
If you are going to do it anyways, then I always recommend a first cycle be just testosterone (roughly 500mg per week for 12 weeks minimum), HCG 250iu twice per week starting the second week of the cycle, and arimadex or nolvadex (arimadex start with 0.5 every third day and increase if needed, or nolvadex 10mg every day and increase if needed).
As for where you can get it - your best bet is probably talk to the biggest guy at your gym, or try and get trt perscribed for you - they are often very lenient as to who they prescribe to.
For liver support use tudca and NAC as a staple.
You will feel a difference 3-4 weeks into the cycle.
By the way this doesn’t lift the weight for you …it just provides the ability to train harder and recover faster.
Again I would do way more research - it is something that impacts your health and you want to make sure your decisions are educated.