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Advice for Dropping Fat?


You know you've packed on a little too much when a chick breaks off a face sucking session and says you're a little too fat. Anyways, I'm tired of being fat and finally decided to take a hard line to dropping lard. So far I've done a couple things I've never done before to help me out:

1) Food log, holy shit I eat a a lot, pretty huge eye-opener
2) Cardio, 20mins, 4 times a week, also makes my knees feel better
3) Learning how to semi properly sprint instead of flapping arms and legs around and hoping to move forward

Anyone else got something that's worked for them really well?


Lose all the carbs for 3 weeks, back on for 1 week, then back off for 3 weeks. do this for 3-4 monthes

no drinking, no snacking. 5 meals per day

you'll lose BF%'s for the first 4 months.

then you'll have to re-asses.

80% of this is diet, get that under control, and the fat will melt off, chicks will dig you and you'll get more wimmenz than you know what to do with.




Or she was a bitch, should of told her you had something else that was fat too.

Start off by tracking your calories, you want this to be a process...not a guessing game.

When you get your food intake consistent then you can start adding in more cardio little by little.

Dropping calorie intake and using high/low carb days should be simple since you are tracking your calories/macros.

Gauge your fat loss with measurements and how you look in the mirror. Taking pictures every week/month.

If you start feeling run down and have been keeping your diet strict...have a cheat meal.

Use caffeine when you are feeling low as well. Good luck.


Also, read what Stu wrote on this thread. Pretty simple stuff, and obviously effective.



Lol thanks, not really doing it for the chicks, really just tired of being that fat guy. I've been looking at carb cycling and trying to get foods that are low carb that I can cook up without burning everything down.


women will be women. I'm new to the food log thing, but I'm trying to be as diligent as possible, measuring and counting macros. It's already shown me a lot that I didn't know.


You don't need to carb cycle. You just need to start eating like an adult. Don't make this any more complicated than it needs to be. Also, train heavy.


^ I like the eat like an adult statement

But I took the other part of DJ's advice and did the V-Diet first. If your eating habits are shit...go on an all out war, shed some serious fat...and change your bodies cravings! That's my thoughts though and everyone is different.



I do train heavy, I've been doing 531 for about 2 years now with other stuff by mark rippetoe before that for 3-4 years. And I mean, I don't sit there and nurse a bag of skittles, but I will eat out 4-5 nights a week. I mean obviously I didn't know how shitty I really ate until I kept a food log, so I'm still learning.



As already mentioned cut way back on the carbs and eliminate all sugar


What sort of numbers are you putting up?


well, sort of an excuse here, coming off my back injury, OHP: 205X1, DL: 395X3, Back Squat: 385X3, and I don't really bench anymore cause of a shoulder thing but I still DB press 100X2