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Advice for Diet While Injured?


Im 27 year old male 6’2 and been working out for 9 years. came a long way… long story short I have an injury on my l5-s1 disc herniation and I fell off since due to not being able to do all I can like I used too.

now I been experiencing new neck/shoulder blade/elbow issue. worked with a sport Chiro and tried 8 weeks off and only cardio to get it fixed… no relief… can’t do upper body it gives me a pulling shoulder blade issue going to the elbow with a stiff neck… the ni ended up almost tripping and catching my step that left my right knee in pain which has gotten way better than 9 weeks ago but still have aches throughout day… and night… talk about horrible horrible literally horrible luck… I lost my whole shredded mass look and all. it really does suck

now I feel my face is like jiggly ( throat and chin feel shaky) and I feel fat due to not working out and dieting is the best I can do…

I have been dieting but I don’t know too much and im eating clean 95% of the time… my macros are at 180-200 c/ 200-210 pro/ 60-80 fat

is this too high?.. I mean I don’t wanna lose all mass and look scrawny… I have been trying to do cardio 4-5x a week 45-1 hour low bike or treadmill which sucks because I feel it doesn’t do nothing… but I been trying … and my day is mostly a desk job… not really too active… what do u guys suggest …


This is in your head. While you it’s definitely possible to gain weight when you stop training hard, a lot of “feeling fat” is mental whether you’re injured or not.

What’s your current bodyweight and roughly how lean are you (ab definition vs love handles vs man boobs, etc)?

This article goes in-depth about how to adjust nutrition when injured.

Walking is under-rated… especially if the alternative is doing nothing.

Are you cleared for any resistance training? Bands, dumbbells, single-arm or single-leg stuff? Some people get by with “training whatever’s not injured” even if it means doing an imbalanced routine for the short-term, like only-left-arm pulldowns, only-right-leg leg press, only-right-arm chest press, etc.


thing is my herniated disc been an issue for 4 years but newly now is my neck… got a pulling feeling all the way down to the elbow and from the behind of the shoulder blade specially after doing upper body… took 8 weeks off with Chiro and did some adjusting and sessions… no help… did mri… came out to herniated discs in neck c4/c5 c5 c6/ 1mm but… still trying to do cardio best I can and doing little lat pulldown/rows/curls/tricep/// very limited but trying…