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Advice for Contest

I will go for a contest with anti-doping controle, I am taking test suspension, I will stop it on monday (the contest is on saturday), this product helps me to keep my mass, but I have water retention problems, what should I do?

Diuretics are to easily detectables, do you have any idea or experience?
Thank you for answering.

does someone know the detection time of acetazolamide (Diamox)?

Pure cranberry juice maybe. It’s what I use for bloat, not sure if it really helps, I just remember them talking about it the movie “The Departed.”

dandilion root 2000mg 4x daily with 50mgb6,eat asparagus

Thank you for your answers.
I will tell you how it happen on wednesday.
best regards.

Carb deplete for the show. You will have no water retention if you do that.